Beware of Dh125 Dubai Bus Fine

Beware of Dh125 Dubai Bus Fine

Dubai’s RTA is known for enforcing its rules for the safety of the passengers in all public transport modes such as Buses, Metro, Tram and Water buses.

While the common list of fines for Dubai Buses such as travelling without tapping the NOL card, eating on the bus, disturbing other passengers or disturbing the driver, there is a new type of fine that was informed by some bus drivers to passengers.

According to one driver, it is an offence to stand in the red area next to the entrance of the bus in the front, near the driver and it causes a fine of Dh125. While this fine is not listed on the RTA website, it is possible that this fine be considered as “obstructing the driver”.

So, beware and do not stand in the red painted area in the RTA buses.

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