2CVs Recruitment Agencies in UAE

2CVs Recruitment Agencies in UAE

2CVs is the first recruitment agency network in Middle East and North Africa. Established in 2012 in Dubai, 2CVs has granted employers access to an exclusive network of specialised recruitment agencies locally and internationally.

2CVs is a joint venture between private equity and venture capital investors which gives it economies of scale in staff and technological innovations that allows it to perform according to high standards and attract customers via cost efficient and unmatched product offerings.

Website: https://2cvs.azurewebsites.net/






Contact Phone number:  +971 ­4 ­501 ­3909

Email: support@2cvs.com

Contact Address: 2CVs FZCO
PO Box 341110
Dubai, UAE.

Courier: 1st floor, Dtec Centre
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Dubai, UAE.

2CVs Features:

  • Reduce the duration of recruitment lifecycle
  • Increase your chances of finding better candidates
  • Broaden your search to include more networks and localities
  • Contract specialised recruiters
  • One point of contact
  • Enjoy all the above benefits at no cost

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