Al Baik Restaurant Dubai, UAE: Why Al Baik became so popular? Features, History, Menu, Reason behind the crowd in Al Baik

Al Baik Restaurant Dubai, UAE: The Craze Behind One of Saudi Arabia’s Most Popular Fast Food Chains

Al Baik is a fast food chain in Saudi Arabia known for its delicious fried chicken, shrimp, and other dishes. The chain was founded in 1974 in Jeddah and has since expanded to over 100 branches across the country.

History and the Man Behind Al Baik

  • Al Baik was founded by Shakour AbuGhazalah in 1974, who started the business with just one small restaurant in Jeddah.
  • The restaurant’s popularity grew quickly, and by the 1980s, it had become a household name in Saudi Arabia.
  • Today, Al Baik is considered one of the most successful fast food chains in the country.
  • Now,Al Baik has 120+ branches all over the Emirate kingdom.

Unique features of Al Baik

  • Tastes delicious as like the chicken nowhere else with 18-spice secret recipe.
  • No wonder people travel miles away just to have a taste of it.
  • Broasted Chicken is one of the best seller in Al Baik menu.
  • Simply said, Secret recipe of Juicy and Spicy inside Chicken!
  • The Al Baik store served as an equaliser, where members from all strata of society came together for a delicious meal and substantial portion.
  • It’s also so affordable!
  • One of the unique features of Al Baik is its packaging, which features a distinctive yellow and red design and the company’s logo.
  • The chain has a strong brand identity and is known for its consistent quality across all its branches.
  • Al Baik’s restaurants are also known for their cleanliness and modern facilities, with free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating.

What’s on the Al Baik Menu? Why it’s so best?

Al Baik’s menu is known for its crispy fried chicken, which is made with a secret blend of spices and served with garlic sauce. Al Baik’s menu is halal and the chain is known for using fresh, high-quality ingredients. The main attraction is the Fried Chicken,which is the first and last best too. The chain also offers a variety of other dishes, including Shrimp Fish, burgers and sides like fries and coleslaw.

Al Baik’s Menu

Al Baik in Hajj Delegation in 2017

Opening of Al-Baik in Al-Qassim

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Baik Restaurant, was pushed to shut down 4 hours, after it opened in Al Qassim due to an unexpected number of customer arrivals; consisting thousands of customers queued to buy their iftar meals.

The restaurant’s official account tweeted:

“There is no truth in the news that damage had taken place during the opening of Al-Baik in Al-Qassim, and we’d like to clarify that we closed it down to maintain the safety of our customers.”

Al Baik @ Dubai Mall

Al Baik opened its first UAE branch in The Dubai Mall in June..

Al Baik @ Expo 2020, Dubai

Saudi Arabian fast food brand Al Baik opened its second UAE branch at Expo 2020 Dubai, October.

Expo 2020’s longest queues on day one were for Al baik

“The longest queue I have seen today on Day 1 of #expo2020 is for Al Baik, the Saudi fried chicken chain,” wrote journalist Ashleigh Stewart on the ground at the event.

Al Baik @ Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi

Al Baik had finally arrived in Abu Dhabi, December 2022.

The Saudi’s broasted chicken shop has opened its first branch in Abu Dhabi, Al Wahda Mall.

But, Why Al Baik Crowded all the time?

One reason for the craze is the unique taste of the fried chicken, which is made with a secret blend of spices that is said to be addictive.

Second, The chain also maintains a high level of quality across all its branches, ensuring that customers have a consistent experience no matter where they go.

Lastly, contributing to the craze is the affordable prices and generous portions, making Al Baik a popular choice for families and groups of friends.

Where else can I try Al Baik in the UAE?

The Dubai Mall Open daily, 10am-midnight;
Mall of the Emirates Open daily, 10am-midnight;
City Centre Ajman Open daily, 10am-midnight
Al Majaz Waterfront, Ajman Open daily, 10am-midnight
City Centre Sharjah Open daily 10am-midnight

Al Baik is more than just a fast food chain in Saudi Arabia – it is a cultural phenomenon that has become a source of pride for many Saudis. The unique taste of the fried chicken, the consistent quality, and the affordable prices have all made Al Baik a household name in the country.

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