ADIB Ghina Savings: An ultimate Guide

ADIB Ghina Savings: An ultimate Guide

What is ADIB Ghina Savings?

To participate in the ADIB Ghina Savings, you must first open an account and deposit monies into it. ​You gain an extra Ghina draw entry every month for every AED 20,000 in Ghina savings for one calendar month (from the beginning to the end of the month). You’ll get an extra Ghina to draw coupon for every four coupons if your balance exceeds AED 250,000 for a complete calendar month. ​

How to participate and win in ADIB Ghina Savings?

To participate Four draw entries are all that are required to be eligible for the grand prize. This means that from the start of the program, you can save AED 20,000 for three months or Alternatively, or you might put aside AED 60,000 for a month’s worth of expenses. ​

How to win?

It all relies on the number of ADIB consumers that sign up for the program. However, the more you save and the longer you keep your balance above AED 20,000 or multiples of that, the better your chances of winning are. ​​

What is the cost?

There is no cost. As long as your balance is at least AED 20,000 or multiples thereof, you will be automatically put into the draw. ​​


How to withdraw your winnings or claim?

  • ADIB contacts each winner using a list of phone numbers stored in the company’s system. ​​

How to create an account?

  • Visit the website.
  • Fill in the application.
  • Upload the documents like the Original Passport, A valid Emirates ID, and A salary certificate from the employer.
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