You may snorkel there as The Green Planet debuts a new aquarium in Dubai

A new attraction has been added to Dubai’s indoor tropical rainforest, The Green Planet.

At the City Walk location, the largest freshwater cichlid aquarium in the world is now open for exploration. The aquarium is the most recent addition to the exotic rainforest ecology of the biodome and is home to 2,000 bright African Cichlid fish of more than 30 species.

The African cichlids are the most varied fish species on the planet, with a wide range of colors and sizes. There are 1,350 species of cichlids worldwide, which can live up to 15 years and are known to change their color over time. They can be found in practically every freshwater body of water.

These organisms are essential to the health of all freshwater ecosystems because they help regulate algae growth and provide food for various other aquatic life.

Book a snorkel with a cichlid experience to see the shoals up close.


The opportunity to feed the residents would cost Dhs230 per person for swimmers.

For Dhs15, those who prefer to stay dry might choose to feed the colorful fish from the surface.

You can get full entry to The Green Planet for Dhs160 if you’d want to spend the entire day there.

This weekend, why not stop by The Green Planet? Up through June 25, The Green Planet’s knowledgeable biologists will present free informative seminars and offer free face painting.

You can enter to win two passes to the fish feeding and snorkel with cichlid experiences as part of The Green Planet’s campaign to celebrate the opening.

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