How to apply and obtain a Drydocks World Dubai Gate Pass? Procedures, Documents required, Cost / Fee, Types of Pass, Duration

Types of gate pass

  • Drydocks World Dubai: Marine pass shall be issued for individuals needing to go offshore for official purposes. Passes shall be applied by registered agents. Validity is one week and one month.

How to apply and obtain a Drydocks World Dubai Gate Pass?

Through Tasreeh an automated gate pass service from PCFC security department in Dubai

How to apply and obtain a Drydocks World Dubai Gate Pass through Tasreeh, PCFC Automated Pass?

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter the user name, password

4. Search for a Pass using the search filter options and/or view pass which is under process


5. Select the Port Drydocks World Dubai

6. Select the Entry Gate, Pass Type

7. Fill the required details

8. Submit the required documents

9. Once approved by the security department

What are the available passes in Drydocks World Dubai gate pass, Documents required to apply, Cost / Charge / Fee?

Cost / Fee / Charge of getting Drydocks World Dubai gate pass in Dubai, UAE

Marine Pass

Type  Document Fees
Pass can be applied by registered shipping agents
  • Passport Copy with Valid Visa Copy
  • A passport size Color Photograph with white background
  • Sponsor letter from the company
  • A copy of valid Emirates Id both sides
  • A copy of valid Trade license
  • DMCA NOC letter or NOC card
  • Unique Identification Document (UID)
Free of cost
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