What is Black Friday? Ultimate guide

What is Black Friday? Ultimate guide

What is Black Friday?

Until the late 1980s, when merchants began to promote the red-to-black profit story, the term “Black Friday” was used to denote a positive increase in retail sales. The day stores began to make a profit for the year was dubbed Black Friday.

When is Black Friday 2021 in Dubai, UAE?

This year’s Black Friday will be on November 26, 2021. Black Friday, which occurs the Friday after Thanksgiving, marks the official start of the holiday shopping season.

Why it is named as Black Friday?

In 2014, Souq, the Arab world’s largest e-commerce site, brought the concept of a grand sale to the area as a way of increasing internet traffic and, as a result, sales. The company’s CEO and co-founder.

In the United States, Black Friday is associated with Thanksgiving, thus it is unlikely to be the same in the Middle East, where the holiday is not honored. Furthermore, because Friday is a hallowed day of devotion in Islam for millions of Muslims of all sects, it is considered a weekend.


Because black is typically connected with something sad or tragic, such as a funeral, a period of mourning, or an affiliation with an event, it would not be proper or culturally respectful to associate the holy day Friday with any negative attributes.

White is a positive term that conjures up notions of purity and goodness. As a result, Souq has become Amazon. ae chose to change the name significantly from its American version to make it more pleasant for Middle Easterners.
Hence, in Dubai, It’s Called White Friday instead of Black Friday.

Why it is celebrated?

This is the week to do it, as Black Friday arrives in the UAE, bringing a slew of massive deals and discounts on some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

What can you expect for Black Friday?

The ‘Black Friday’ sales have long been regarded as the most significant shopping event on the UAE calendar. New retailers are joining, more categories and goods are being posted, and more customers are joining.

More than 80% of online customers plan to shop on Black Friday, with two-thirds expecting to spend more than they did last year. This year, the economy is predicted to rise by 30%.

How can you celebrate black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, and it marks the start of the crucial holiday shopping season. Stores provide substantial discounts on gadgets, toys, and other gifts, or at the very least the first chance for customers to purchase the newest products.

Where can you find the best deal online?

Every year, the Black Friday discounts arrive to give customers the opportunity to save money on items they’ve had their eye on all year.

1. Amazon.ae:

From November 24 to 30, there will be a White Friday sale with up to 70% off.

2. Carrefour:

running until the 5th of December, with discounts of up to 70%

3. Noon.com:

The online sale will run from Monday, November 23 through Sunday, November 29, and feature bundle offers, raffles, discounts, and flash sales.

4. Privilee:

The offer is valid from Wednesday, November 25 to Friday, November 27 – and it includes a three-month membership for Dhs1,599.

5. Dubai three-day Super Sale:

From Thursday, November 26 to Saturday, November 28, discerning shoppers may take advantage of discounts of up to 90% off a wide range of lifestyle, cosmetics, fashion, gadgets, and more at malls across Dubai.

List of stores participating in the Black Friday Shopping

  1. Dubai Pet Food Friday Sale
  2. Axiom Orange Friday Sale
  3. Farfetch Sale
  4. Dubai Mall
  5. RITUALS OUTLET Up to 50% Off
  7. ECCO OUTLET Up to 70% Off
  8. PRICELESS 50%-90% Off
  9. BELUCCI OUTLET Up to 80% Off


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