How to apply and obtain Health Insurance in Dubai: Procedures, Documents required?

How to apply and obtain Health Insurance in Dubai: Procedures, Documents required?

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is one of the most critical issues in any culture since it makes high-quality healthcare available to individuals. The UAE offers some of the world’s best healthcare infrastructure, a big draw for expats considering relocating there. Health insurance is essential for expats living in Dubai and plays a big role in ensuring a high standard of healthcare in the UAE.

The number of healthcare institutions and personnel has expanded. To meet demand, the number of medical professionals employed in the business has quadrupled in some situations.

The United Arab Emirates has become a popular medical destination for persons seeking high-quality treatment outside their home country.

Why it’s mandatory to take?

The Dubai Health Insurance Law No. 11 of 2013, which took effect on January 1, 2014, made medical insurance compulsory in Dubai. All Emiratis and Dubai expats, as well as their dependents, are required to carry health insurance under this rule.

The Dubai Health Authority’s ISAHD (Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare in Dubai) initiative influenced the decision to implement this (DHA).

Dubai has been able to minimize healthcare expenditures connected with routine check-ups, treatment of chronic illnesses, emergency care, and a variety of other medical services since enacting this health insurance law.

What are the Procedures to obtain Health Insurance in Dubai?

Some companies offer family insurance to their employees, while others only offer it to their employees. All necessary health services, including emergency treatment, access to GPs, referral to specialists, testing and investigations, surgical operations, and maternity care, are covered by health insurance packages purchased through a government-approved provider.

Following are the Prerequisites

  1. A residency visa must be obtained (or in the process of being obtained).
  2. If you need insurance for your residency visa, make sure the insurer is approved by the government.

Following are the procedure to obtain 

  1. For a quote, contact the insurer; for an online insurance comparison, go to, for a quote, go to
  2. Fill up an application and send in your original documents. Cheques are the most common method of payment.
  3. In most circumstances, you must pay for the entire year in advance.

Documents required to obtain Health Insurance in Dubai

  1. Passport with residence visa (original and copy).
  2. Proof of address (original and copy).
  3. Passport-sized photos (two).
  4. Contact information for your primary care physician. If your insurer needs additional information about your medical history, they may request copies of any relevant diagnostic reports or test results from your doctor.
  5. For spousal visas, families may be asked to produce proof of marriage; for child dependants aged 18 and above, families may be required to provide documentation of enrolment at an educational establishment.

What is the Processing time of Health Insurance?

A stamped job entry permit and an Emirates ID registration form are required for health insurance applications, both of which are available once the employee has arrived in the UAE.

Mostly, insurance can be obtained in three to five days, however, this depends on the supplier. If applicants do not provide a copy of their medical insurance card with their visa application, it may be delayed needlessly.

What is the fee of Health Insurance?

Premiums for a thirty-year-old expat on a comprehensive plan range from roughly 5,500 AED (1,500 USD) to around 33,500 AED (9,120 USD) for a family of four on a comprehensive plan. For a family of four, a basic coverage plan should cost roughly 17,000 AED (4,630 USD).

How to check medical insurance status?

Using your medical insurance card number or your emirates ID number, you can verify the specifics of your medical insurance plan. Moreover, simply go to your provider’s official website, look for the login portal for existing policyholders, and log in. Use either your insurance card number or your Emirates ID number here.

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