VIDEO: Ghiath – Dubai’s fully loaded Police Car

VIDEO: Ghiath – Dubai’s fully loaded Police Car

Just when you think the Dubai police force has every kind of vehicle it needs, something like this pops up. It’s called the Beast Patrol and was put together by W Motors. Dubai police force’s toybox has grown much larger. Now, a bespoke mega-4×4 has joined the force. Dubai’s latest police car to catch criminals is a face-scanning W Motors SUV

Ghiath- Dubai’s Latest Police Car

Launched by W Motors in partnership with Safe City Group,  the SUVis said to be the most advanced police vehicle in the world. It looks expensive too. The distinctive machine was showcased for the first time at GITEX Technology Week from 14th-18th October 2018, Dubai. Also, the Crown Prince of Dubai named the car “Ghiath.” The new beast on wheels will certainly keep an eye on impaired driving that often leads to dangerous accidents accompanied with traffic fines.



The latest addition to their fleet is the mean-looking Ghiath patrol vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence systems, such as facial recognition, among other things. The dashboard is full of touchscreens, including in the front passenger area. This allows one officer to focus on driving while the other operates the on board systems. The patrol boasts of technological features with crime-busting abilities and can also recognize vehicles that are being tracked by Dubai Police. From design point of view, the Ghiath SUV certainly looks intimidating with emergency lights all around. It also includes suicide doors — an unusual choice for a police vehicle. With all such features; it is one of the most advanced police vehicles in the world.

Earlier this year, the new crime-busting Lamborghini patrol vehicle costing one million dirhams was acquired by Dubai Police. In May, the Aventador that can drive from 0 to 100kph in about 3 seconds was added to the fleet. Perhaps, the Police Force continues to expand its vehicles and by 2020, they aim to add a fleet of driver-less cars to their advanced collection.

Now the Ghiath would be running with police-spec AMGs and Lamborghinis!



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