UAE PASS: How to apply and register? How to verify through UAE PASS kiosk?

UAE PASS: How to apply and register? How to verify through UAE PASS kiosk?

UAE Pass

Through UAE PASS, customers can access the government services online and sign the legal documents digitally.

Usage of UAE Pass:

  1. It can be used to access different services over all the sectors in UAE.
  2. Customers can request an official documents from the organization and sign it digitally
  3. Trustable identity application for all the UAE citizen, resident and visitors
  4. Customers can pay all the utility bills and filing a residence visa application
  5. UAEPASS was officially launched during GITEX 2018

Who is eligible for UAE PASS?

  • All UAE citizens and residents who has valid Emirates ID are eligible for UAE PASS.

UAE PASS can be accessed via 3 ways

  1. Mobile App
    The mobile application allows users to register, manage their profiles, authenticate on Service Provider’s  websites, sign documents, and validate signed documents.
    2. Self-service Portal (online)
    The self-service portal allows users to manage their profiles, sign documents, and validate signed documents.
    3. Kiosk Application
    Users can go for the advanced level verification through the UAE Pass kiosk. Verification will be done through biometric (fingerprint) verification.

How to apply and register for UAE Pass?

  1. Download the UAE pass mobile application (Apple users-app store and Android users  – google play)
  2. Register / Sign up to create a new account.
  3. Customers can scan with Emirates ID to process the steps quickly.
  4. If Emirates ID, is not there, enter the personal details, email and valid mobile number to verify which is the basic sign up.
  5. Later you can scan the Emirates ID to verify.
  6. Verify the registration using face recognition (or)
  7. Go to the nearest UAE pass kiosk location with Emirates ID to enable the digital signing which is final step to complete the verification.
  8. UAE pass has no service charge

*Users can migrate from an existing Dubai ID or SmartPass account

Know more about UAE Pass

UAE Pass with SmartDubai

UAE PASS Customer care

UAE PASS help desk number: 600 561 111 / 600.560.000

UAE pass official website:


How to register /sign up for UAE PASS through SmartPass / Dubai ID?

  1. Download the UAE pass mobile application (Apple users-app store and Android users  – google play)
  2. Select “Smartpass” or “Dubai ID” option to sign up
  3. Enter the existing user id to proceed

How to sign up UAE PASS via UAE PASS kiosk?

  1. Visit the UAE pass kiosk location with Emirates ID for the advanced level verification.
  2. Place the Emirates ID in the Kiosk machine reader
  3. Place your fingers for the fingerprint.
  4. Enter your mobile number to verify
  5. Confirm the details such as name, number and click confirm to proceed
  6. Open UAE PASS app to scan QR code to link your mobile number and wait for the authentication.
  7. Enter new qualified signing password to use in the documents and wait for the verification.
  8. Once all done, your UAE PASS will be in advanced level verification

For more details, visit


1. Can I use and access UAE PASS from multiple devices?

  • Yes, you can use it for up to two devices.

2. How to access UAE Pass if I forgot the Pin?

3. Can I register or sign up UAE Pass if I do not have Emirates ID?

  • No, you cannot use.

4. Can I register or sign up UAE Pass if I am living abroad/overseas?

  • No. UAE pass is currently for residents and UAE nationals.

5. How to access UAE Pass if I lose the device?

  • You need to visit to recover the account. You can restore the previous profile on your new device.

6. How to create a Signing Password in UAE Pass?

  • Users can create a signing password through UAE pass kiosk.
  • Install the app, create the account and verify.
  • Visit to the Kiosk with a valid Emirates ID
  • Place the ID on the card reader.
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to create a signing password

7. What is the expiry / validity of UAE Pass?

  • The certificates are valid for 3 years. After that users needs to renew.

8. Is there expiry for the digital signature?

  • The signing certificates are valid for 3 years. But the signed documents will remain valid even if the certificate expires. Customers can renew through the Kiosk or website

9. How to change / update the Email ID and Phone (mobile) number in UAE Pass?

  • Customers can be able to change / update their phone number through mobile application or website
  • Go to “Account-Personal details-Email”. Edit the Email, click ‘update’ and validate using an OTP.
  • Go to “Account-Personal details-Mobile number”. Edit the number, click ‘update’ and validate using an OTP.

10. How to change a signing password?

  • Customer can change the signing password by revoking or renewing the current signing certificate through the Kiosk.
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  1. I downloaded the Al Hosn app on my smartphone but don’t know how to register. I am a Canadian visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi in December. How do I get a unified #.
    Please let me know which is a good site to help me fill this out. Very complicated for a 71 year old person.
    Nicole Yanow

  2. I need to create an account in the said application. preparationfor haad exam, since i don’t have an emirates ID yet i have trouble registering on it., how to register even if i did all th steps correctly?

  3. is anyone else outside of the UAE having trouble with the pass app? It will not let me further than entering my email or mobile number, saying cannot generate OTP please try again. I have tried every day for 2 weeks. I have called the helpdesk, they said they are having issues and to turn phone off and try again tomorrow. Its very frustrating as I cannot proceed with my application without it

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