UAE Job Scams: An Overview

UAE Job Scams: An Overview

What is UAE Job Scam?

There are a lot of websites out there that promise to be able to assist you to get a job in Dubai if you’re looking for one. There are a lot of websites out there that are simply rip-offs.

Job seekers are duped into paying for visas, processing applications, or a bond/guarantee, either directly or through travel agents or exchanges, by phony employers who promise them work in reputable companies/hospitals/airlines.

How to find/identify fake job offer letters?

  • You should be skeptical of any employment advertisement that claims to give amenities that sound out of this world.
  • A background in technology is helpful, but it isn’t a requirement according to the job description. There’s little doubt this is a red flag that the advertised position is a hoax. Most positions, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, require previous work experience.
  • For example, the advertised remuneration for the position of Accountant is greater than the market average.
  • Recruitment companies’ business models are not based on the registration fees that job searchers pay. Recruiters are compensated by firms they have a contract with if they place good applicants in certain companies. To be clear, sending money to a recruitment firm or a job portal is an outright JOB SCAM.
  • However, you note that the recruiter’s communication is done via generic email addresses like or, rather than the recruiter’s personal email address. These are private communications between friends and family members. Personal emails are rarely used by businesses to communicate.
  • To be safe, avoid companies that promote blatant grammar errors in their ads. These are almost always red flags for a shady practice.
  • When a recruiter tells you that they need to see you right away, you should raise a red flag.
  • Mobile phone numbers (009715 5 or 009715 0) and phony UAE Embassy stamps will be provided in the fraudulent employment offer, which is not done in the UAE. 009714 must be the starting point for any company’s landline number.

How to get rid of it?

  • To be in compliance with UAE labor legislation, a licensed labor provider can’t demand money or charge a worker for costs unless the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization has given its approval. You should never transfer funds to a person’s bank account.
  • You must conduct your own investigation. Make a follow-up phone call to verify that any positions are being filled. Research the companies for whom the staffing agencies have previously placed candidates. Call the company’s clients to see if they’ve worked with the recruiting agency.
  • If you don’t know anything about the company, look for reviews and comments online.
    Search for the recruiter’s name on social media and look for the company on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.
  • In the event that a corporation asks you for money to secure a job, contact the government or your local police station to file a complaint.
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