Things to do in Expo 2020

Things to do in Expo 2020

1.Taste the food from different cuisine at 200+ Restaurants

There are over 200+ restaurants with different cuisine which includes Aegean, African, American, Arabic, International, Vegan and more cuisine inside the expo 2020. Visit the restaurant which has award winning chefs include David Myers, Matthew Kenney and Rohit Ghai. Have a look here for the list of restaurants available inside the Expo 2020.

2. EXPO 2020 Passport

Visitors can get a customizable passport where they can keep a record of participating around 200 and more pavilions. Get stamp in the expo 2020 passport while visiting each country’s pavilion.


3. Interact with Robots

Robots are there to welcome the visitors which provides assistance, helps to deliver the food and beverage. Around 150 robots are deployed by the Terminus group.

4. Artisan Baking

Artisan baking is the London based bakery and baking school. Baking masters guide the visitors about the skills of baking.

5. Ride around the world on a Carousel

You can ride with the classic Venetian carousel with beautifully hand-painted images of past World Expos.

6. Running inside the Expo

You can participate along with the participants from 192 countries in the running programme.

7. Latifa’s Attractions (Playground)

Latifa’s playground is a well developed area for kids to play around. You can find bounce over nets in the ‘zero-gravity’ chamber, leap into orbit around swings and hop aboard a replica of the UAE’s Hope Probe inside the play area.

8. Talabat Kitchen

Visitors can experience a unique food hall experience at the Talabat kitchen where you can see 30 food concepts, cutting edge technology and the robots will deliver the food and beverage.

9. Alkebulan

You can experience the Africa continent’s culture through food, art, music which brings together seven acclaimed African chefs from across the world at Alkebulan.

10. Selfie at Hazza’s Space Helmet

Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri’s space suit is available at Terra Auditorium where you can take a selfie with your face beamed in to his helmet’s visor.

11. Programme for People and Planet

Visitors can participate in the programme and raise the questions to help shape our future of the planet.

12. Story of world leading Expo Historian Charles Pappas

Hear the story of UAE culture and fascinating World Expo facts from the renowned Expo Historian Charles Pappas. Scan the QR code available in Majlis structures to hear the story.

13. Participate in the sport activities (Free Activities, Fitness & Wellness)

You can find a diverse sporting programme with free activities, exhibition matches, big name sporting  stars and an entire hub dedicated to fitness and wellness from the Expo 2020 Dubai and Dubai Sports Council (DSC) team.

14. Epochal Banquet (with artificial intelligence on dining)

Enter the year 2320 as immersive multi-sensory studio Bompas & Parr and Expo 2020  brings you Epochal Banquet, a two-hour pioneering culinary experience. Inspired by space,  microbiology, artificial intelligence and hyper-intelligence, it will stir your senses in a  radical new concept designed to highlight the impact of AI on the future of dining.

15. Rashid’s Playground

Inside the Rashid’s Playground, you can see a large humpback whale.

16. Rising Flavours food hall

You can experience a fine dining at the rising flavors of food hall including chef’s table, live cooking shows from GCC-based chefs, rotating culinary pods etc.

17. Design your very own aircraft at the Emirates Pavilion

You can design your very own aircraft with robotic arms, explore the innovative metallic and composite materials of the future.

18. The Desert Farm

Visit the farm of the future where crops are grown using the salt water and fish.

19. Night time Light Festival

Visitors can experience the buildings and spaces are projected with vibrant lights which makes the building beautiful in the night time.

20. Nigeria’s Agricultural challenges

Visit how Nigeria aims to achieve zero hunger by exploring technology to their agriculture.

21. Solar Powered Home of Tomorrow at the DEWA pavilion

From the solar roof to the temperature-buffering entryway, the DEWA Pavilion is designed to maximise efficiency and offers plenty of futuristic touches, such as a drone-delivery hatch and a weight-measuring bathroom floor.

Top view composition of various Asian food in bowls, free space for text

22. Michelin-star restaurants chef visiting Jubilee Gastronomy Restaurant

Chefs from Michelin-star restaurants visiting Jubilee Gastronomy Restaurant presenting their signature Chef’s Table experience, together with a rooftop lounge.

23. Service station of the future from ENOC

The UAE’s national tree is renowned for its resilience to harsh weather conditions. The  Service Station of the Future is built on an exoskeleton based on the ghaf tree structure,  supporting a cutting-edge, solar-powered, carbon-fibre canopy.

24. World Souq at Expo 2020 site

Experience the beautiful pieces of craftsmanship from around the world.

25. Expo beats

Hear the best rhythm and sound at the Expo beats

26. SpaceX Rocket showcase at the USA Pavilion

Experience the SpaceX Falcon rocket showcase with exhibits and artefacts, such as pieces of  rock from the moon and the US Mars Rover.

27. Magic at Al Wasl Plaza’s

From the dome of Al Wasl Plaza’s first great act of magic, watch as it flickers to life with hues of purple, blue, red and orange, growing more vibrant as the sun sets and the night rolls in.

28. Food Truck Parks

Explore the live performances and enjoy the delicious foods sitting on he picnic bench located at the food truck parks

29. Michelangelo’s David’s 3D print copy at the Italian Pavilion

Michelangelo’s David’s 3d print is located in the Italy Pavilion which is 5 m tall.

30. Mushroom grown on the walls at the Netherlands Pavilion

Venture inside the Netherlands Pavilion for a unique multi-sensory show that takes you on  a journey through the closed-loop farm’s wonders, from the water harvested out of thin air to the mushrooms grown on the walls.

31. Robotic Penguins at the Monaco Pavilion

At the Monaco Pavilion, Robotic penguins play a ‘jump and run’-style game, ice cracks, leopard seals and plastic rubbish, until they are reunited with a group of adult penguins.

32. World’s first air train at Expo 2020

In this compressed air train, passengers can go for the sightseeing.

33. Garden in the Sky

Make your way to the Garden in the Sky where you can stand on its tree-lined upper deck 55 metres from the ground level and get perfect panoramic shots.

34. Expo 2020 Water Feature

The wall has 14 m height where the water, Earth and the fire is combined to make the Expo 2020 feature with light, water show and the music composer is ‘Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi’.

35. Expo Museum

Visitors can explore the expo museum and learn about the past expo’s held all over the world.

36. A. R. Rahman Firdaus Orchestra

The Firdaus Orchestra is a pioneering women’s ensemble developed exclusively for Expo 2020 under the creative direction and leadership of Oscar-winner A.R. Rahman. The composer is forging new musical paths with female musicians in the Arab world.

37. Women’s Pavilion

Celebrating female change makers at the women’s pavilion.

The Women’s Pavilion, in collaboration with Cartier, celebrates the important roles of women from around the world throughout history, illustrating that when women thrive, humanity thrives.


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