Expo 2020 Dubai Passport: How and where to buy / purchase?

Expo 2020 Dubai Passport: How and where to buy / purchase?

Expo 2020 will be running from 1st October 2021 – 31st March 2022. Visitors can get a customizable passport where they can keep a record of participating around 200 and more pavilions.

Vibrant yellow passport:

  1. Visitors can be able to see more pavilions during the 182 day event with this vibrant yellow passport.
  2. helps them to relive those special moments after they leave the mega-event
  3. This passport is like a real passport which has enhanced security features like a unique number, space to paste your personal passport size photo, personal details. In every page you can see the hidden watermarked images.
  4. Visitors can get the country’s stamp from the participating pavilions in each page once visited.
  5. Passport has 50 pages which has the designs and the three Thematic Pavilions pictures (Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion, Alif – The Mobility Pavilion and Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion) and Al Wasl Plaza – the crown jewel of the Expo site – plus other Dubai landmarks, such as the city’s iconic skyline.

What is the cost / price of Expo 2020 Dubai Passport?

Expo 2020 Dubai Passport costs AED 20.

Where to purchase / buy Expo 2020 Dubai Passport?

Visitors can get the Expo 2020 Dubai Passport at


Expo 2020 official stores Dubai

2020 Plaza Jubilee Park Kiosk 1 Pavilion Shop Alif Sustainability District The Oasis Kiosk 5
Al Forsan Park Kiosk Jubilee Park Kiosk 2 Pavilion Shop Mission Possible The Oasis Kiosk 1 World Souq
Al Wasl Mobility District Pavilion Shop Terra The Oasis Kiosk 2
Earth Plaza Oasis Souq Sea Plaza The Oasis Kiosk 3
Earth Plaza 2 Opportunity District Sun Plaza The Oasis Kiosk 4

Location of Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE

Address: Expo Road
Dubai South, Jebel Ali, P.O. Box 2020
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact Centre: (+971) 800 EXPO (3976)
Site Office: (+971) 4 555 2020

For more information, visit https://www.expo2020dubai.com/en/news/expo2020-passport

Know more about Expo 2020 and it’s Pavilions

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