Stock trading in Dubai: How to invest in UAE Stocks?, Requirements

Investors of any nationality based in any country are welcome to participate in the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and Nasdaq Dubai. Any person or organization can apply for an Investor Number (NIN) with the Dubai CSD in order to trade securities that are listed on DFM and Nasdaq Dubai.

Procedure on how to do stock trade / How to trade in UAE Stocks?

1. In Dubai Financial Market, submit an application for an Investor Number (NIN):

  • Apply for an investor number quickly using the DFM app using a streamlined method.
  • Need a DFM app and emirate ID.
  • Investor Affairs at Dubai CSD
  • Trading Member: By completing the Investor Number Request Form and including any necessary supporting documentation, you can go to a DFM-licensed brokerage to have an Investor Number obtained on your behalf.

2. Appoint a Broker

  • Get an Investor Number (NIN) from Dubai CSD, then choose a registered broker by opening a trading account and filling out the required paperwork.
  • According to your instructions, the broker executes the trading transactions (buying and selling).
  • Different brokers could provide their clients with various services and goods. View the whole list of authorized brokerage firms, including shared members across DFM and Nasdaq Dubai, and their offerings before choosing one. Get in touch with them.

3. Trading – How to Buy and Sell Securities

  • After choosing a broker, you can now begin trading using the methods your broker offers, such as over the phone or online.
  • For registering for real-time data access on the website.

4. Track Your Portfolio

  • On the DFM app, you may directly view your portfolio, trading activities, and cash distributions.

Can you buy Salik shares? What is the procedure?

Yes Salik Shares can be bought. Check more here

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