Sharjah Desert Park – Hidden Gem in UAE

Sharjah Desert Park  – Hidden Gem in UAE

Sharjah Desert Park is an ideal destination for families with kids. Grown-ups with a curious mind to explore zoo, nature, history and museums might also love this place. While it is a 30 minute drive from Dubai, the place is well worth it considering the entry fee of 15 per adult and kids (upto 12 years) go for free. One can easily spend the whole day at the Sharjah Desert Park with the family. It comprises of 4 venues and you can easily walk between them after parking the car in any of the 4 venues: Arabia’s Wildlife Center, Children’s Farm, Sharjah Natural Hsitory & Botanical Museum and Islamic Botanical Garden.

Arabia’s Wildlife Center (amazing, well maintained zoo)

(Located on the right side, in 2nd location from the entrance)

This is an amazing zoo that is a really interesting concept. The central building is where people walk-in and all the animals are located outside the building and people can watch the animals through huge glass enclosures while remaining indoors. The indoor birds section is a thing of beauty and huge, with sunlight-like artificial lighting. Each of the sections are pretty huge – Snakes, Reptiles, Night animals, Birds, Fishes and so on. Expect to spend a 2-4 hours slowly exploring this amazing zoo. This place contains a restaurant. Plan your lunch time accordingly, as the restaurant is located after you have explored 3/4th of the Arabian Wildlife Center.


Children’s Farm (animal farm for kids)

(Located on the right side, in 1st location from the entrance)

The Children’s farm contains various domestic animals in their enclosures where kids can watch them and feed them as well. The central enclosure is rather large and contains ducks. The enclosures in the circle contains Sheep, goats, donkey, horse, cows, parrots and Camel. Kids absolutely love this place. This contains a small cafeteria.

Sharjah Natural History & Botanical Museum (includes a huge park for kids and lawn for picnic)

(Located on the left side, in 1st location from the entrance)

This is a museum that explores natural history in a chronological order. Starting with the formation of universe to dinosaurs to evolution of modern humans, the museum covers a lot. There are 2 floors. It also includes an indoor rainforest like environment with lush greenery and rainforest sounds that also includes an observation deck where one can walk on.

There is a huge kids park outside the building, inside the compound. The  park is not easily visible from outside the compound. This contains a small cafeteria. And there are also some small shops outside the building, opposite to the park where there is one shop selling Emirati food.

Islamic Botanical Garden

(Located on the left side, in 2nd location from the entrance)

This is a nice botanical garden with an Islamic touch. It contains plants that are referenced in the Islamic texts. It is rather interesting to see a large variety of plants in which we use in daily life. It has really good educational value for kids.  This place has a cafeteria.

All the facilities are maintained at very high standards and the venues themselves are of immense value and looks premium. Premium park at economic cost.

Photo gallery of Children’s Farm in Sharjah Dessert park


Map location of Sharjah Desert Park:

Open Hours:

Monday 9AM–6:30PM
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 9AM–6:30PM
Thursday 9AM–6:30PM
Friday 2PM–6:30PM
Saturday 11AM–6:30PM
Sunday 9AM–6:30PM

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