Salik will shortly introduce paid parking at Dubai Mall.

Salik will shortly introduce paid parking at Dubai Mall.

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Salik, the toll gate operator, will shortly charge for parking at Dubai Mall. The barrier-free technology will be used for this purpose.

Salik announced a cooperation with Emaar Malls on Friday “to deliver a seamless and efficient parking management system at the world-famous Dubai Mall. Under the terms of the agreement, Salik’s technology will be deployed to enable a smooth, barrier-free parking experience for mall customers.”

The system is expected to be operational by third quarter of 2024. Salik said charges will be “determined after Emaar Malls finalises the business rules for this project.”

Salik stated that while Dubai Mall will supply the necessary office space, local infrastructure, and car park upkeep, it will be in charge of planning, funding, developing, implementing, and overseeing the parking management system. There are around 13,000 parking spaces in the mall.


Salik is going to diversify its revenue sources beyond toll gates for the first time with this.

How do parking costs get collected?

Vehicle plate recognition technology will be used to charge the automated fee collection system for ticketless parking.

The same radio frequency identification (RFID) and automatic number plate recognition technology that Salik uses to track tags will also be employed by the barrier-free parking system.

As the license plate number enters the parking level, a camera records the entry time and captures it. The device will determine the parking time when the camera scans the license plate number once again at the exit.

Emaar Malls has not yet specified the costs, but they will be taken out of the Salik user account.

What is Salik?

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai implemented the Salik automated road toll collection system in 2007. Salik, which translates to “seamless mobility” in Arabic, is a free-flowing system that eliminates the need for drivers to stop their cars and make manual payments whenever they go on a Dubai highway.

There are no physical barriers, toll booths, or gates; instead, everything is done mechanically. Cars can pass through the toll gate at their regular highway speed.

Salik became a publicly traded joint stock corporation in June 2022. At present, the company runs eight toll gates situated at key intersections around Dubai, particularly on Sheikh Zayed Road, which is regarded as the primary thoroughfare in the city.

Salik and RTA have a 49-year concession deal that gives Salik the sole authority to run Dubai’s toll gates through 2071.

Over 90% of the vehicles in Dubai are currently registered, and Salik has four million active vehicles and over two million registered active accounts.

Expansion Plan

With an estimated 50,000 parking spaces, Salik is actively investigating development opportunities in Dubai’s private parking industry.

Ibrahim Sultan Al Haddad, CEO and board member of Salik Company PJSC, said: “Salik is ideally placed to provide this seamless and convenient customer journey, with the solution eliminating the need for gates or barriers at Dubai Mall, helping to minimise congestion and traffic for the customers.

“We are looking forward to building on the successes of this initiative to expand the offering to other locations around the city,” he added.

Parking fees are already in place at other malls and hypermarkets, but they all use barrier systems. On weekdays (Monday through Friday), parking at Mall of the Emirates is free for the first four hours. After that, parking costs are charged for each extra hour or fraction of an hour, starting at Dh20 for five to six hours and going up to Dh350 for an overnight stay. On weekends and public holidays, parking is free.

Ahmed Almatrooshi, Emaar Properties executive board member and general director of Emaar Foundation, said: “We’re pleased to see that parking will be easier and more user-friendly with the introduction of Salik’s transportation solution and expertise. We believe that this initiative will not only meet, but also exceed our guests’ expectations, adding value to each visit and reinforcing Dubai Mall’s position as the premier shopping and lifestyle destination.”

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