RTA’s Smart Parking System Makes It Easy To Find Parking Spots

RTA’s Smart Parking System Makes It Easy To Find Parking Spots

No more hunting for parking spots! The RTA’s smart parking system eases your search for parking spaces.

If you’re driving around the Deira or Trade Centre areas, we have good news: RTA has introduced a new type of smart parking technology that will help you find a parking space more easily. Your search for a parking space is made more hassle free now. And yes, you can take a sigh of relief: It saved your time smartly.

RTA’s Smart Parking 

The smart parking project is launched by RTA and implemented by Energy International Corporation and Nedap, the leading specialist in vehicle detection technology. Smart technology is used in this innovative parking system. There are 3,035 parking spots that are monitored by a central control system. 2,030 sensors and 70 digital cameras are installed overhead to detect vacant slots and instantly transmit information to the central system for display. You can check the electronic sign boards at the parking slots. Also, you can find them through RTA’s mobile app. Besides giving the real-time occupancy information, the number of available parking spaces are displayed in both Arabic and English on dynamic message signboards.

RTA’s Smart Parking System App

Benefits of Smart Parking

  • It’s a hassle-free process
  • Time saving: It saves about 20-30% of your time that would have spent on parking spots.
  • Decreases traffic congestion and road accidents
  • Improves air quality: RTA controls the carbon emissions generated while looking for a parking system.

Smart Parking Areas

You can find the RTA’s smart system already active on Banyas road and Shaikh Zayd road. Now it is being expanded to other areas like Shaikh Zayed Road, Al-Rigga and World Trade centre.

In fact, the RTA’s smart system is tailored to the needs of road users to use technological means for effective and time saving parking. This remarkable parking service is aligned to RTA’s goal of Smart Dubai and People’s Happiness.

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