Power, water and traffic concerns? Simply WhatsApp Dewa and RTA

Power, water and traffic concerns? Simply WhatsApp Dewa and RTA

WhatsApp is one of the emirate’s favourite methods of electronic communication, and now you’ll even be able to keep a record of and pay for any traffic penalties that come your way. If you have any traffic concern or any problem with your electricity and water, simply text RTA and Dewa; they’re just a WhatsApp Message away. Both DEWA and RTA now have virtual employees to help customers with their immediate concerns.

Dewa WhatsApp account

Dewa WhatsApp account
Dewa WhatsApp account

Dewa has launched its verified WhatsApp business account to help it communicate with customers. The new communication channel adds to Dewa’s plethora of ways it can be reached. For all queries and concerns related to electricity bills and water supply, you can now contact the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority on WhatsApp. ‘Rammas’ will be up to help you out. Powered by artificial intelligence, it will make sure your concerns are addressed. The new virtual assistant of Dewa is available 24 hours a day.

RTA Mahboob’s service on WhatsApp

Meanwhile for residents’ traffic and transportation concerns, RTA or Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has launched its Mahboob’s service on WhatsApp. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms, the automated chat service is quick enough to respond to customers’ inquiries, without human intervention. This will in turn reduce the pressure on RTA’s Call Centre. Moreover, you can have better access to services offered by RTA such as enquiries and information sharing related to RTA fines and regulations. At present, there are 64 information services available in the city including the renewal of vehicle registration, and an introduction about nol card, abra, etc.

All messages between Dewa and customers on the verified WhatsApp account are encrypted to ensure the highest levels of security and reliability. Make sure you check for the green badge next to DEWA’s name to make sure you’re communicating with the verified account.

Dewa and RTA Whatsapp Numbers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart technology are reshaping the future of the world. The UAE has pressed the right keys when it comes to adopting smart technology. Dewa and RTA Whatsapp account is another smart move to step up communication channels with its customers.

Dewa’s Whatsapp – 046019999

RTA’s Whatsapp – +971588009090

Both channels will entertain queries in English and Arabic.

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