Passenger ferry service from India to UAE – Rs.15,000 Ticket Fare

Passenger ferry service from India to UAE – Rs.15,000 Ticket Fare

Launch shortly, passenger ship service between the UAE and India ticket cost Rs 10,000 and have a 200 kg baggage limit.

Passenger ferry service from India to UAE

Passenger ferry service between Kerala and the UAE will soon be inaugurated, according to the president of the Indian Association of Sharjah, with tickets costing merely AED 442 (about Rs. 10,000) and 200 kg of luggage allowed. From the UAE, the ship is anticipated to arrive in Kerala in three days.

The service will probably start before December’s school breaks. The intention is to relieve foreigners who live in the UAE of the burden of paying outrageous flying tickets. The union government’s consent is awaited. In the upcoming days, representatives from Kerala are scheduled to see the concerned minister from the national government. The trial run will take place in November if all goes well.

Kerala to launch Passenger Ship Service

Depending on how long it takes to finish the route, the cost of the ticket might range from AED 442(rs 10000) to AED 663 (15000rs). Prices may vary at the busiest time of year.


Passengers are permitted to bring 200 kilogrammes of luggage. The ship will arrive in Kerala from the UAE in three days. Additionally, superb dining and entertainment options will be made available to travellers. 1250 passengers are anticipated to board the ship.

The ship will make port calls in the first two ports, Kochi and Beypore. Rahim claims that a third port is also being investigated. The third port option’s most likely final destination is Vizhinjam.

The project is being backed by the Kerala government and is being managed by the Ananthpuri Shipping and Logistics Private Limited and Sharjah Indian Association. The initiative includes Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA).

Can I go UAE to India by ship?

  • In general, shipping to India from the UAE takes about 30 days, depending on the port of origin and the final destination.

Can I go to India by ship?

  • You can easily travel to India on a cruise ship by applying for a Visa to India for Cruise Ship Passengers.
Passenger Ship Service
Passenger Ship Service

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