Parking Fines | Penalties in Dubai

Parking Fines | Penalties in Dubai

Parking fines in Dubai

Traffic violation penalties in Dubai

Violation Description AED
Non-payment of parking tariff, or ticket is not visible. AED 150
Exceeding parking time AED 100
Exceeding maximum parking hours AED 100
Obstruction/Misuse of parking facility AED 200
Vehicle crossing the sidewalk or stand on it AED 200
Use Forbidden parking AED 200
Park vehicle  without plate number AED 1000
Unauthorized usage of special need parking ,
or using expired permit, or a permit is not visible clearly.
AED 1000
Park  vehicle in reserving parking, or not showing a permit AED 1000
Car demonstration for sale or rent on a restricted area. AED 1000
Implement parking umbrella without a permit. AED 1000
Harmed or damaged parking, ticket machines or zone plates. AED 1000
Removing parking, ticket machines or zone plates without permit AED 10000

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