National Bonds Reward Programme: An ultimate Guide

National Bonds Reward Programme: An ultimate Guide

What is National Bonds Reward Programme?

All year long, the National Bonds Reward Programme provides individual clients with a greater choice of exclusive and interesting gifts. The initiative aims to reward clients and encourage them to continue and expand their savings with prizes ranging from AED 1 million to 16 luxury cars and various bond incentives.

Exclusive rewards are available for Emiratis and Expats, including two grand prizes of one million each quarter, as well as over 423,000 prizes per year, including prizes for ladies, minors, and Regular Savers.

How to participate or apply?

  • To join the National Bonds family, visit any of our roughly 556 locations, including leading exchange houses and banks.
  • Bonds can be purchased online, by phoning our direct sales team at 600 522 279, or in person at the National Bonds office.

Who is eligible for National Bonds Reward Programme?

  • National Bonds are available for purchase by both UAE residents and non-residents. Unless purchased on behalf of a minor by a father or legal guardian
  • minimum age limit of 21 years.

How many rewards to win?

  • You can check here.

How do I know if I won a draw?

  • All prize winners receive an SMS notification. A representative from National Bonds will contact the AED 1 million and Luxury Cars winners to facilitate the award handover process.
  • We’ll also announce the winner on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Customers can view the winners’ list on our corporate website if a message is not received due to telecom network troubles.

How will I claim the certificate?

  • Your winning account will get certificates worth AED 1 million, AED 5,000, AED 500, and AED 50, as well as an email to your registered email address.
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