Medical Tests In Dubai

Medical Tests In Dubai

All expats in Dubai need to undergo a few medical tests done by the Dubai government. With a view to protect the quality of life and health of its citizens, medical tests in Dubai are carried out so that no infectious and deadly diseases spread in the country from outsiders. Hence, medical fitness screening has become a prerequisite for a residency, employment or education visa.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Medical Centres

A list of accredited typing centres is available on DHA’s website. Most of the medical fitness centres have a typing centre in the same premise and they are accredited. These 65 centres are geographically distributed evenly across Dubai. They are well-organized and hygienically maintained on par with international standards. All check-ups are done here along with blood tests and chest x-ray. If an HIV/AIDS medical screening test is positive then the residence visa application is denied and the person is deported. Other positive test results might result in a combination of treatment, quarantine, deportation, or a combination.

Zero Human Intervention: The Salem System

Salem,the smart new system integrated into all 16 DHA medical fitness centres, is a paperlesselectronic health screening system launched by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to revolutionise medical fitness testing system for visa purposes. It reduces humanintervention to zero and delivers blood and X-Ray reports electronically.Perhaps, it cuts down customer waiting time,

Residents seeking to renew their residence visa only need visit any of the 65 accredited and approved centres or any of the 16 medical fitness centres and update their email and contact numbers. All identity data is retrieved automatically via a bar code from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).Once the applicant completes all the due screening procedures, the applicant receives a SMS notification alert and the results are sent via an email. Initially, only companies can register with the system and make the procedure easy for their employees. Currently, 3,000 companies are registered with DHA and are utilizing the online service.


Procedure for Medical Tests in Dubai

  • Visit a medical fitness test centre (MFC).
  • Busy times at centres are early mornings until afternoon. Late afternoon is less busy, or go to the 24 hr centre in Muhaisnah after midnight.
  • Submit required documents
  • Pay the charges. Generally, the employer pays the fees as part of the sponsorship process. If your company has a corporate account at the DHA, you need not pay cash.
  • Do not drink or take drugs before going for the test.
  • After the completion of the test, make a copy of the test results for your reference. The company employing you will probably take your original.

Documents Required for Medical Tests in Dubai

  • Original passport with valid entry visa, and copy of information and visa pages. Normally an employment entry visa but test can be done with tourist or visit visa also.
  • Copy of residence visa page if you are renewing your visa.
  • 2 recent passport size photos (dimensions 3.5cm width x 4.5 cm height)
  • Government issued health card if any.
  • Health card number if you have one. If you don’t have one, you can go to the DHA website and apply for a temporary number online, but it might not be necessary if doing the test when applying for a new visa.
  • For visa renewal bring labour card and/or Emirates ID card and/or another UAE government issued ID card.
  • Employment offer letter or contract if you have one. Usually only needed for applicants still on a tourist or visit visa.

Medical Fitness Test Charges

  • Regular for Dh270 and results delivered in five days (except for female household domestic services)
  • Regular (Female household domestic service) Dh320 (five days)
  • 24hrs Dh480 (All categories excluding female household domestic service)
  • 24 hrs Dh530 (Female household domestic services)
  • 48hrs Dh380 (All categories excluding household domestic service)
  • 48hrs Dh430 (Female household domestic service)
  • 4hrs Dh700 all categories excluding household domestic service
  • 2hrs (new service) Dh1,020 VIP service available only at Dubai Business Village Centre.

Medical Tests for UAE Resident Expatriates

  • Hepatitis B blood tests only for workers in the categories of housemaids, barbers, beauticians, food handlers, health club workers, kindergarten supervisors, nannies and nursery supervisors.
  • Tuberculosis, only pulmonary TB for new visa applications and not renewals.
  • Pregnancy test for maids, nannies and women drivers. Sponsors can then decide whether or not to continue employment.
  • Syphilis test is also included.

Health Card

Health card in Dubai covers resident and all expatriates for medical insurance and qualifies them for low cost medical services at public hospitals and clinics. It is issued by Dubai Municipality to workers belonging to health centres, salons, spas, educational institutions, food industry and also to labours working in high risk sectors. Being mandatory, it certifies that the person is fit to work in his or her category of jobs. You can collect one from the main clinic of Dubai Municipality in Deira that continues to offer the services even after the expiry of its service agreement.

The Tawajod Service

 If you are looking for express Medical Fitness Test right at your doorstep or at a place of your choice then Tawajod service is the right option. The DHA employees visit the office or the home for the medical tests. Every request covers 70 employees for the respective tests. This has proved very beneficial for homemakers who don’t have ample time to visit the medical centre to renew their visa.

Fit-to-Fly Medical Test Launched

 Fit to fly  test definitely is like music to ears for  parents  whose children suffer with some respiratory problems as it’s a matter of concern for them while travelling by air. It has been observed that people with respiratory and cardiovascular issues face difficulty in breathing when air pressure inside the cabins decrease when aircrafts reach an altitude of up to 30,000 feet. The fit-to-fly test recognizes such patients by simulating similar conditions encountered at high altitude.

Thanks to the Al Jalila Children’s Speciality Hospital in UAE that ensures the safety of minors less than 18 years of age suffering with chronic respiratory diseases. Initiated under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, it continues to offer the Hypoxic Challenge Test (HCT) and High Altitude Simulation Test (HAST), the only such tests in the UAE, to enhance safety for children with lung diseases when travelling by air.With usage of latest technology and medical equipments to be on par with global best practices, it has effectively increased the standard of paediatric health care

Ministry of Health provides Free Medical Examinations

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, in collaboration with Al Baraha Hospital, has launched an initiative to provide free medical consultation for workers as part of the Year of Zayed programmes. This initiative includes free medical tests for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and dietary advice. It also includes medical consultation for workers in number of medical specialities.

Health is wealth!  Cherish it with medical tests in Dubai!

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