Lulu Hypermarket Self Checkout Reviewed (including How to Use)

Lulu Hypermarket Self Checkout Reviewed (including How to Use)

Lulu hypermarkets has introduced self-check out options at some of the supermarkets in UAE, including the one in Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi in 2019. With the launch of Carrefour’s Scan & Go self checkout, it is worth revisiting the options available at Lulu Hypermarkets. Self Checkouts are becoming the future of retail as supermarket chains around the world are trying to cut costs by reducing the number of cashiers at the checkout counters. UAE retail giants Lulu Hypermarkets and Carrefour are no exception to this global trend.

How Lulu Self Checkout Works?

1. Complete your shopping as usual and enter the self checkout lane while going for billing. Place your items one by one on the box. The machine recognizes the items automatically and adds them to your checkout cart. If not recognised automatically, you can use the barcode scanner and scan the bar code on the device

2. Select Cash or Card payment option after all the items are added. Insert Cash in the Cash-In slot. Or use the Card option if you wish to pay by card. The machine can give balance change in coins and notes if you pay by cash.

3. Collect your receipt and bag your items.

4. Place the receipt on the scanner at the door and it will automatically open and you can exit.

Carrefour has launched their own self-check out system in Jan 2020. Find out how it works and how to use it.

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