Carrefour Scan & Go – Self Checkout Reviewed (including User Guide)

Carrefour Scan & Go – Self Checkout Reviewed (including User Guide)

Carrefour has introduced a self-checkout system where shoppers scan the bar codes and check out by themselves. Using the Carrefour Share app, shoppers can unlock the scanning devices, then select the items to purchase and scan them before adding them to your shopping bag. Finally at check out, make payment at automated Pay & Go counters and leave.

There are two major advantages in using this system:

  1. No more queues at billing counters – Since you scan each item as you pick them, items are all scanned before you enter the automated checkout counters
  2. Control of spending – For the conscious buyers, you know at each scan the total of the purchases so far and stay in control of your spending.

Let’s go over step-by-step about how the process works.

How to use Carrefour Scan & Go

1. Open the Carrefour Share app and scan the code at the Scan & Go counter

Scan the Carrefour Share App bar code on your phone in the scanner located below the screen

2. One of the devices on the shelf will automatically unlock. Just pick up the unlocked device.

3. When you pickup items from the shelves, scan them with the scanner device. Press the button in the handle while pointing the light at the bar code of the item you are  buying. The device will scan and automatically add it to your bill. You will see confirmation on the screen about the item you scanned.

4. After you are done with the shopping, head to the Scan & Go checkout counters. Then use the same scanner device and scan the QR code on the kiosk screen. Your purchase details will now be transferred to the kiosk screen. You can now return the scanner device on the stand provided right next to the kiosk.

After scanning, the scanner device will display “End of Shopping”. The scanner should be returned after this.

5. Select from one of the payment options and make the payment.

Available Payment Options – Credit/Debit Card, Carrefour Pay, Beam
After selecting credit card, insert your credit card and provide PIN number


Take Receipt after checking out at Carrefour Scan & Go

That’s all the steps. Take your receipts and you can leave with your purchases. There will usually be some Carrefour staff nearby to assist people in case of any problems.

It is notable that Lulu Hypermarkets had launched a self-checkout system in 2019 in certain supermarkets, where there are self-checkout counters where shoppers scan their items and pay by themselves.

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