Indian Radio Channels In Dubai

Indian Radio Channels In Dubai

Indian FM Radio Stations are very popular in UAE. Even though most of them are transmitted from Dubai, they have coverage fair enough to be received in other neighboring Emirates like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Alain. As they are a good source of entertainment with songs and news every hour, Indian radio channels in Dubai are the main mode of entertainment for Indian expatriates especially during commutes. Almost all of them have live online channels. Below are a few to sum up.

Radio 4 FM

The new sensation and heart of Bollywood Radio 4 FM can make your day memorable with its vast variety of songs. In fact, it infuses energy for your workday, relaxes your mind and soul whenever you want it. Listen to the wonderful melodious songs of your choice all day long. The Hindi Fm radio is fully customized internet radio station, broadcasting from Dubai. With a huge variety of programs telecasting wonderful Hindi songs, it provides 100% satisfaction.

City 101.6 FM

Owned and operated by Arabian Radio Network situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is a web radio station featuring the best of Bollywood music in Hindi language.

Suno 1024 FM

Playing hits across several Hindi/Urdu genres like Bollywood, British Asian, Pakistani, Club, Pop, Retro, Sufi, Ghazal etc., It is the fresh new Hindi Radio Station of the UAE.

Dhoom 24×7

Streaming live music 24×7 from all parts of UK, US India, Dhoom 247 is a web based radio station Established on 8th February 2011 with a mission to enrich people’s lives with music that entertains. Being in the entertainment business part of the media, it specializes in the Bollywood Hits that focuses on personal achievement, growth, or success. Always hunting for new music and looking after the tastes of listeners is the job of the programming department.

The Radio Style

Broadcasting from Ajman, United Arab Emirates, it is an Internet Radio station that provides Hit music of Bollywood.

Radio Spice

Redefining radio for the ‘Fulltoo Twisted’ listener it aims at young at heart, citizens of the world, positive and edgy listeners. Five versatile jocks entertain listeners with great music coupled with wacky, humorous and vibrant interaction. Each jock caters to the different audiences and moods we experience during various times of the day.

Hindi FM Radio Stations (Listen Live Online) 
Radio 4         ( 89.1 )    Indian Hits
Radio Mirchi    ( 88.8 )    Music – Dubai
Radio Mirchi    ( 95.6 )    Music – Alain
Radio Mirchi    ( 97.3 )    Music – Abu Dhabi
City FM         ( 101.6 )   Contemporary Hits
Suno FM         ( 102.4 )   Music
Radio Spice     ( 105.4 )   South Asian Hits
Hum FM          ( 106.2 )   Indian Classic Hits

Tamil 89.4 FM

Dubai’s newest and finest radio station set to entertain and connect you with local Tamil buddies (aka RJs) and of course, namma Tamil roots . It broadcasts Tamil Songs , Talk Shows 24 by 7 Online . It is a very intuitive radio station with some of the country’s leading radio programs in their day long programs schedules. They have got some programs which are popular across the country with traffic from thousands of listeners which makes Tamil 89.4 FM a definitely popular radio station in the nation.

Hit 96.7 FM Dubai

Listen over 50 Malayalam Radio stations live. The leading Malayalam FM station in the UAE, Hit 96.7 was launched in 2004 to entertain and inform the largest expatriate community in the Gulf – the Malayalees. Listeners are broadly under 45, with the majority being 21-35 .

Club FM Dubai 99.6 Malayalam

Club FM, Kerala’s most loved station, is now in Dubai bringing you just what you’ve been missing. At Club FM, the listeners are heroes and their songs, lives and stories matter. You can voice your opinion and get the reason for celebrating life. The station will play music that’s exactly what the listener likes – a combination of classic songs, latest hits from films, a little bit of hind and Tamil too and an occasional hit English song besides music which is modern and original.

Flowers FM 94.7 Malayalam

Flowers Fm is broadcasted from UAE. It is from the house of Flowers, the premium TV channel in Malayalam


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