In 25 days, Dubai constructs a stadium for FIFA Beach Soccer in 2024.

In 25 days, Dubai constructs a stadium for FIFA Beach Soccer in 2024.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024 in Dubai

February 14, 2024 (WAM) in DUBAI — The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup UAE 2024 Dubai organizers broke the previous record for the fastest time to build a stadium when they built the tournament’s spectacular venue in the Dubai Design District in a record-breaking 25 days.

From February 15 to 25, Dubai will play home to the Beach Soccer World Cup for the second time in its history. 16 teams will compete in 4 groups.

In addition to meeting all the requirements, the beach soccer stadium has a special feature: a spotless sand arena that is 36 meters by 27 meters and at least 40 centimeters deep. The tournament’s organizers added a novel touch by selecting a unique venue away from the conventional beachfront in order to create an unforgettable experience.


Nestled next to the water canal, the city’s lifeline, the inventive stadium reinvents beach soccer beyond the simple elements of sand and sea. The off-beach stadium, which offers a breathtaking background of the city’s important water canal and demonstrates the UAE’s engineering expertise, breaks with convention.


Stepping outside the sand and into a world of contemporary wonders, the stadium features cutting-edge lighting that casts a brilliant glow over the arena and a massive video screen that makes sure spectators never miss a second of the action. Fans can anticipate unmatched comfort and convenience whether they are working the scene from the media center or cheering from the luxury of the VIP area.

This incredible accomplishment involves more than just objectives and sand. It enhances the UAE’s standing as a top sports destination, drawing interest from around the world and demonstrating its dedication to quality and innovation.

Jaime Yarza González, Director of FIFA Tournaments, said in remarks to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) that the new stadium is the finest in the tournament’s history due to its features, capacity, building materials, and record-breaking construction time.

Beach soccer stadium construction typically takes sixty to ninety days, a record broken by the “UAE 2024” World Cup stadium.

The heavy rains that fell two days ago did not affect the pitch of the Beach Soccer World Cup “UAE 2024” stadium, thanks to the use of a special type of sand that is the best in the world at absorbing water and not being negatively affected by it, he said.

“The rain will flow and will not affect the matches,” he explained. “Fortunately, the weather now is very positive and encouraging for holding the matches and welcoming the fans.”

The representative clarified that each team has separate entrances and exits, and that the stadium can hold 3,900 people. Two matches are scheduled for each day, with one ticket available for the afternoon and one for the evening sessions. 3,900 people will be able to see each session.

The cost of tickets for the World Cup matches starts at AED 20 for each day session in the preliminary stages and goes up to AED 30 for the semifinals and AED 40 for the championship game.

Every ticket entitles the bearer to two games within the same time frame, alternating between the afternoon and evening sessions.


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