How to transfer the advocate registration to another licensed firm in Dubai? What is the Amendment, Procedure, Documents required, Cost / Fees

Amendment of advocate details (e.g. change of firm)

What should you do if you want to change the firm / transfer the advocate registration to another licensed firm in Dubai?

What are the procedures and documents required to transfer my advocate registration to another licensed firm?

Using the appropriate channels, such as the Legal Professions System (LPS), submit a request to switch employers. However, the applicant advocate must first:

  • be listed as a practising attorney on the Roll of Advocates.
  • submit a labour ministry-legalized employment contract
  • For non-UAE nationals, submit a copy of the resident visa for the Emirate.
  • submit a written statement from the newly authorised firm stating that it does not oppose to the advocate working for it.
  • Give the Department your original advocate registration card.
  • submit a copy of the Ministry of Justice registration card (for advocates).

What are the fees for transferring the advocate registration to a new licensed firm?

Amendment charge of 500 AED. Innovation charge of 10 AED. Knowledge charge of AED 10. All told, 520 dirhams.

What is the Roll of Non-Practising Advocates?

Advocates who were listed on the Roll of Practicing Advocates but no longer wish to practise advocacy are allowed to be listed on the Roll of Non-Practising Advocates. Please be aware that providing legal services by someone who is listed on the non-practising advocates roll is against the law according to Executive Council Resolution No. 22 of 2011.

How to apply to transfer from the roll of practising to the roll of non-practising advocates?

The service “Transfer from Practising to Non-Practising Legal Advocate Roll” can be found by logging into your Advocate LPS account.


How long can you remain on the Roll of Non-Practising Advocates in Dubai?

The non-practicing advocate listed on the Advocates Roll does not need to reregister; they stay included on the aforementioned roll until they submit an application to transfer to the Roll of Practising Advocates.

How to amend the registration details by transferring from the roll of non-practising to the roll of practising advocates?

Anyone applying to return who is listed on the Roll of Non-Practicing Advocates must submit an email to the Advocates Affairs Section’s email address and include the following documents:

  • Valid emirate Id
  • Valid passport
  • Certificate of good conduct.
  • Employment agreement with Ministry of Labor certification
  • a certification from Dubai’s Department of Economic Development indicating that the applicant’s name does not appear on any business licences;
  • Curriculum vitiate.
  • the Commercial Licensing Authority’s firm licence
  • Letter from the business’s owner approving the applicant’s enrolment as an advocate with the business
  • Photo
  • Ministry of Justice Card, if applicable, and
  • If applicable, a certificate from the employer for the period of the non-practicing roll registration.

What are the Fees to transfer my Advocate Registration to the Roll of Practising Advocates?

The fees are 2000 dirhams if the advocate has been on the Roll of Non-Practising Advocates for a year or more; if it has been less than a year, the fees are 500 dirhams. In both cases, there is also a 10 dirham innovation fee and a 10 dirham knowledge fee.

How to  request a “To Whom it May Concern”  TWIMC Certificate? Is there any payment?

How to apply to be registered as an Advocate in Dubai, UAE? Procedure, Documents required, Cost, Where to apply?, Approval, Renewal, Advocate Oath in Dubai

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