How to start New Massage Center in Dubai, UAE: Procedure, Documents required, Cost, What type of License to obtain?

How to start New Massage Center in Dubai, UAE: Procedure, Documents required, Cost, What type of License to obtain?

Why we need Massage?: Health Benefits

Types of Massage in Dubai

  • Thai massage
  • Hot oil massage
  • Arabic massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Moroccan bath

Massage / Spa Center in Dubai

A massage center is a facility or establishment where professional massage services are provided. The primary purpose of a massage center is to offer various types of massages and bodywork to promote relaxation, relieve tension, improve circulation, and alleviate physical discomfort or stress.

How to book an appointment at Spa / Massage center in Dubai, UAE?

  • Visit the official website
  • Choose the service and package
  • Click “book” to confirm
  • Make the payment

What is the cost of spa / Massage services in Dubai, UAE?

The cost ranges from AED 200 to AED 400 per hour depends up on the type of massage.

Procedure to open Massage center in Dubai

  • To comprehend the need for massage services in Dubai, conduct market research. Establish your target market and the kind of massage services you wish to provide.
  • Describe your services, target market, marketing plans, pricing, and financial projections in a thorough business plan.
  • Choose your company’s legal structure, such as LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship.
  • The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai is where you register your firm.
  • Select a name for your company that is appropriate and complies with UAE naming laws.
  • Obtain the licenses and permits required to run a massage facility. A standard business license, a license for health and wellness, or permission from the Dubai Municipality may be included in this.
  • Find a suitable location for your massage center. It should adhere to zoning regulations and be in a commercial area.
  • Comply with health and hygiene regulations. The Dubai Municipality sets specific guidelines for the operation of massage centers.
  • Apply for a health and wellness license from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or relevant health authority.
  • Hire licensed and certified massage therapists with appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote your massage center’s services.

Documents Required

  • Copy of your business plan outlining your services, target market, marketing strategies, and financial projections.
  • Copy of your business license issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) if you have partners.
  • Trade name reservation certificate.
  • Health and safety assessment certificate from the Dubai Municipality.
  • Plans and blueprints of the layout of the premises, highlighting the massage rooms, waiting areas, hygiene facilities, and emergency exits.
  • Health and wellness license issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or the relevant health authority.
  • Dubai Municipality permit for operating a massage center.
  • Copies of massage therapists’ licenses and certifications.
  • Employment contracts for your staff, including massage therapists and administrative personnel.
  • Passport copies and visa details of your staff, if applicable.
  • Marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and advertisements.
  • Copy of your marketing strategy and plans for promoting your services

What is the cost?

  • The price to open a massage parlor in Dubai can vary significantly based on the establishment’s location, size, level of amenities, scope of services, and compliance. You could also want authorization from the Department of Economic Development (DED) for your business endeavors and a permit from the Dubai Municipality to run a massage parlor in addition to the relevant licenses.
    With legal regulations.

Type of license

  • This license is typically required for businesses in the health and wellness sector, including massage centers.
  • You would have to abide by health and safety laws and fulfill the standards established by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
  • You could require a professional license if you are a qualified practitioner who intends to practice massage therapy independently.
  • People in certain professions, including doctors, therapists, or engineers, frequently need this license.
  • You could require a specialized spa license if your massage center provides a full variety of spa services in addition to massage therapy, such as facials, body treatments, and other spa treatments.

List of Massage Centers in Dubai, UAE

View the List of Massage Centers in Dubai, UAE through the above link.

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