How to Rent and Book a Luxury Car – Lamborghini Car in Dubai? Hourly / Monthly Rental and Cost, Deposit, Free Delivery, Procedure to get a cheap rental car

Do you want to drive a Lamborghini Car in Dubai? Here are some rental places to book and drive the car on hourly / monthly rental basis

Lamborghini Car is many people’s passion to drive through. Choose the luxury rental car providers in Dubai and find their package. Select the package and drive happily with your loved one or single. You can also get Luxury Car rental with driver.

How to Book a Luxury Lamborghini Car in Dubai, UAE, Cost?

Lamborghini Urus 2019, 2020 Car for rental Cost Daily, Weekly, Monthly in Dubai

*The below mentioned cost is approximate cost which may vary. Please check with the rental provider

Rental Period Mileage Limit Rental Cost
Day-basis 250 km AED 2899
Weekly 1750 km AED 16794
Monthly 4500 km AED 54810

Lamborghini Urus 2021 Car for rental Cost Daily, Weekly, Monthly in Dubai

Rental Period Mileage Limit Rental Cost
Day-basis 250 km AED 2999
Weekly 1750 km AED 19194
Monthly 4500 km AED 54810

Free delivery: Available

Commission and booking fees: Not required


Security deposit: AED 5000

Book Lamborghini Car through the following rental company in Dubai

OneClickDrive Car Rental (Through app / in person / online)

What should you do if your Lamborghini rental Car falls into an accident either by your fault or not yours?

  • In General, you will be provided with insurance (a.k.a basic insurance).
  • Some rental companies provide CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) for an additional charge.
  • You must obtain police report for this. View the list of police stations in Dubai which may be helpful to find the nearest police station

What is the legal / minimum age eligibility / limit to hire a rental car in Dubai, UAE?

  • As per RTA, 21 years is enough. But in some cases, it may be 23 years old / 25 years old. You can check with the rental company.

How to pay / mode of payment?

You can pay by credit card / Debit card / cash / Bitcoin / crypto currency

What is required if you want to rent a Luxury car in Dubai, UAE?

  • Driving License (minimum 6 months old)
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