How to renew Indian passport from Dubai?

How to renew Indian passport from Dubai?

The UAE government has simplified the passport renewal process so that expats don’t have to worry about it and now it’s easy to renew Indian passports from Dubai.

Where to renew an Indian passport from Dubai?

Visit the BLS International Services Centre in the UAE, which provides visa and passport services for Indian expatriates in the UAE, to renew your passport. The location is also in charge of processing and collecting fees for Indian passport renewals.

Please be aware that BLS International Service Centers will collect all documents, but the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General of India in Dubai will be responsible for processing your application.

Procedure to renew an Indian passport from Dubai

  • You don’t need an appointment to renew your Indian passport at a BLS Center. A token number can be obtained by visiting the facility.
  • At the BLS Center, you can have your application form typed and documents photographed or photocopied.
  • Pay the necessary fees for an Indian passport renewal at the submission officer’s office. Renewal applications for Indian passports must be signed in front of the submission officer.
  • BLS even provides the Premium service to renew the Indian passport wherein you can schedule an appointment online through the BLS website.
  • This service will cost AED 236 per passport.

Documents required

  • Fill in the Online passport application form.
  • Pictures of the subject in a DARK DRESS with a frontal view, taken within the last three months, 51mm*51mm each, on white backgrounds.
  • All services require the submission of an original passport.
  • All applicants, including minors and newborns, must submit their applications in person.
  • All signatures on the application form must be in black ink and signed by a BLS International Services Customer Service Officer.
  • The applicant must have a valid Emirates ID.
  • Visit one of our BLS Centers before approaching the Indian Consulate General in Dubai for any kind of approval.

You can contact the BLS center here.

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