How to open an account with Union National Bank Dubai?

Types and procedures to open an Account with ADCB Bank, Dubai

Union National Bank (UNB) was a bank based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from 1982 until it merged with ADCB in 2019.

Features and Benefits:

  • Salary transfer, move money, make payments, order a cheque book or pick up a new debit card
  • Open to UAE residents only
  • Free cheque book (AED account only)
  • Free e-statements (within the statement cycle)
  • Available in AED and other major currencies
  • ADCB Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking access

Eligibility (to open an Account with Union National Bank, Dubai)

  • Minimum monthly salary -AED 5000.
  • Resident or non-resident of the UAE

Minimum balance to maintain

  • Current Account – AED 5,000
  • Savings Account – AED 5,000
  • Call Account– AED 5,000

Documents required to Open Account with Union National Bank, Dubai

  1. An original passport with UAE residence visa (valid for more than 30 days)
  2. An original Emirates ID
  3. Salary certificate

Procedure to Open an Account with ADCB Bank, Dubai through online

Procedure to fill the form (to open an Account with Union National Bank in Dubai)

  • To apply for an account, you can click here.
  • Enter the details like your name, Company name, phone number, and Email address;
  • You have to fill incomplete details of your salary and emirates you want to choose.
  • After completing the details submit the application
  • A representative will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your application.

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