How to get Expo 2020 License Plate?

How to get Expo 2020 License Plate?

How to obtain Expo 2020 License Plate?

  1. Register the Expo 2020 logo plate through the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) website
  2. Collect it from the nearest customer happiness center or one of the service providers’ centers.
  3. Keep your old vehicle number and just add (Expo 2020) logo on vehicle number plates
  4. Finally you will get Expo 2020 logo with an exclusive number plate with the cost of AED 200 only.

Register here for Expo 2020 number plate

  1. Visit the above link and
  2. Enter the plate number, License details and register to get an exclusive Expo 2020 logo plate.

Expo 2020 Attractions, Pavilions, Features, Facilities & Services

Check out the attracting pavilions, top attractions inside the Expo 2020 through the above link.

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