How to find Part-time Jobs in Dubai?

How to find Part-time Jobs in Dubai?

Now that the UAE government has legalized Part-time Jobs, people can do some work on the side in their free time and make some extra money.

Check out Part-time Jobs on Dubzzle

Dubizzle’s job section has an option to search for part-time jobs. Visit the Dubizzle Jobs section and select Part-time jobs in the left panel as in the following screenshot.

Dubai Part Time Jobs on Dubizzle
Dubai Part Time Jobs on Dubizzle

Search on Job Portals

Dubai has too many job portals. Most of them have a part-time Jobs section where one can find part time jobs in Dubai. Below is a list of Job portals and classifieds sites. Visit the sites and check for relevant jobs.

Part time jobs on Indeed UAE


Part time Jobs on Naukri Gulf

Part time Jobs on Bayt 

Part time Jobs on Monster Gulf

Spread the Word

Inform your friends and family that you are on the look out for part time jobs. Many a times, companies need help with some small assignments which can be best done by freelancers rather than recruiting an employee. We have noticed several cases where people got temporary one-off freelance jobs from references. Make sure to get the word out by letting your friends and family know that you are looking out for part time job opportunities in Dubai. Don’t forget to mention the nature of job that you are capable of doing.

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  1. I have been doing part time job with event management companies. They hire people for specific events for a fixed daily pay. If you can make yourself available for the duration of the event, then you can make some money there. Typically ranges from 200-400dh per day, depending on the number of hours. Try contacting the World trade center for reference to companies that manage the events or contact the event management companies directly.

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