How to Check the Car History, Find the Chassis number (VIN) in Dubai, UAE ?

How to Check the Car History/Car accident details/history before buying a used car in Dubai, UAE?

Checking a vehicle’s history should be at the top of your list when looking to buy a used automobile in the UAE. It is a significant investment that necessitates extensive investigation. A car history check exposes a lot about the vehicle’s history, such as its involvement in accidents, tampering, theft, or any other sort of fraud. You may also ensure that all of the critical components are original and legitimate.

These are the four government websites where you can look up the history:

1. Ministry of Interior (MOI)

The following steps for checking the vehicle’s history through the Ministry of Interior (MOI):

  • All you have to do is locate the vehicle’s chassis number.
  • Visit the website.
  • Click on Electronic Services.
  • Choose from the drop-down menu. Choose ‘Traffic and Licensing’ then ‘Accident Inquiry’.

  • When you click the submit button, the results will be displayed. If there were any accidents, the website displays the location of the accident, the date and time of the accident, and the accident report number.

2. Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

  • Through Emirates Vehicle Gate, you can quickly verify a vehicle’s accident history (EVG)
  • Visit the link.

  • Enter the chassis number and click search.
  • The vehicle’s accident history report will then show, including particular facts about the collision such as time, location, and cause.

3. Abu Dhabi Police

  • Visit the website.
  • Click on the Incident report

  • Request for Printing a Traffic Accident Report
  • Submit all the documents and you will get the details.

4. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

If you live in Dubai, the RTA offers a service called ‘Technical Vehicle Status Certificate.’ Users can utilize this online service to obtain a certificate reflecting the condition of a used automobile.

  • Click on Apply
  • You will then be transported to another portal, where you must scroll down and agree to the online service’s terms and conditions.

  • Click on Apply on service.
  • You can examine the accident history if the OTP is submitted to the previous owner and accepted to release the car’s data.

How to find the Chassis Number / Vehicle Identification Number Online in Dubai, UAE?

The serial number is referred to as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The chassis number can be found in the automobile’s documentation as well as in numerous places on the car.

  • Under the hood of the car
  • On the driver’s side doorjamb
  • Vehicle registration paper
  • Car’s dashboard or windshield on the driver’s side
  • The front side of the vehicle frame
  • You must now seek the car chassis number once you have determined the serial number. Because each car’s chassis number is unique, it can be compared to human fingerprints. The chassis number is the final six digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN), which is made up of 17 characters, numbers, and letters. The alphanumeric series comprises information about the car, such as its model, as well as the time and location of manufacture.

How to get a CARFAX report in UAE?

The CARFAX Vehicle History Report gives thorough information about a vehicle’s history and can aid in the discovery of hidden negative history.

OpenSooq is currently the authorized agent for requesting a Carfax report in the Middle East, where it is now possible to obtain the desired car report easily and quickly through its platform, by accessing the section designated for that within the main classification Cars and Vehicles, and it also answers questions about it.

  • Click on Vehicles
  • Click on Carfax Report Service
  • Write the chassis number in the field provided
  • Click on the Request Report Now icon
  • Enter the discount code as it comes if you get it.
  • Click on the Enter Coupon option.
  • Type the coupon number in the empty field.
  • Click on the Next button, then follow the instructions.
  • Make the payment
  • Follow the instructions until you get the required report
  • View the report to know the details of the car.


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