How to apply and obtain TWIMC Certificate in Dubai, UAE from Dubai Police?: Procedure, Requirements

What is TWIMC Certificate?

  • TWIMC  means To Whom It May Concern

Why TWIMC Certificate is required?

  • To prove the facts & established circumstances in reports (OR)
  • indicate status of the involved parties, (OR)
  • determine damages as a result of their occurrence
  • to allow them to achieve legal procedures,
  • to ensure their rights or
  • claim them from concerned authorities associated to the report (such as judicial entities, insurance companies, and others)

Who can apply for TWIMC Certificate?

  • Individuals (Citizens, from GCC countries, Residents, Visitors)
  • Government (Local, Federal, Diplomatic)
  • Companies and institutions


  • Emirates ID
  • Have a valid email id

Service Fees required for applying TWIMC certificate

  • AED 75
  • AED 20 for knowledge and innovation fees
  • AED 100 additional fee if applied through service centers in person

Procedure to apply for TWIMC Certificate in Dubai

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the Emirates ID
  3. Choose the certification type (Traffic Case / Criminal Case / Reserved Passports / Passports On Hold / Persons Under Custody)
  4. Mention who requires this
  5. Provide the case details
  6. Click “Next” to proceed
  7. Enter your personal details
  8. Make the service fee payment
  9. You will receive a transaction number through SMS / Email and receive the certificate shortly.

Where can you apply for TWIMC Certificate in Dubai?

What is the validity of TWIMC certificate?

  • 30 days from the issued date

How to check the application status of TWIMC Certificate?

  • Enter the reference number
  • Click Submit to know the status
check the application status of TWIMC Certificate
check the application status of TWIMC Certificate
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