How to apply and obtain ICA approval Green Signal?

How to apply and obtain ICA approval Green Signal?

No ICA approval required for UAE residents

  • UAE residents now no longer required to apply ICA approval, instead they need to submit the details such as passport, Emirates ID in
  • Provide the negative COVID-19 PCR test report upon arrival.
  • You can find UAE designated / authorized lab for taking PCR test here

Apply ICA approval to return to UAE

To apply for ICA approval and to return UAE,

  • Apply through ICA smart services
  • Enter valid ID, name, passport details, origin and destination.
  • Provide negative COVID 19 report 96 hours prior to departure
  • You can take COVID 19 PCR test from the UAE designated lab

How to check the status of ICA approval green?

  • After you have applied for ICA approval, you will receive the UAE entry status verification.
  • Once the process is verified and approved, you will get a green signal (you can check the status online)
  • If the process is not approved, you will get a red signal (you can check the status online). In this case you need to apply again to receive a green signal.

Apply for GDRFA approval to return to Dubai, UAE

For Dubai residents who wish to return UAE, you can apply GDRFA here

While applying you will be asked to enter your Resident File Number which is on your visa under File.

Traveling to DUBAI during COVID-19 situation

  • Dubai residents must enter the details in
  • No ICA / GDRFA approvals required for tourists with valid visa / visa on arrival.
  • Passengers traveling to Dubai from GCC countries are not required to provide PCR test report. PCR test will be on arrival at Dubai airports.
  • Passengers transiting in Dubai are not required to provide PCR test report. If it is mandatory from your country or final destination, you can keep the PCR test report.
  • Passengers must download COVID19 – DXB Smart app (apple / Android(google play store)) and register with Dubai health authority (DHA).

ICA approval contact phone number, email

For any assistance regarding ICA approval queries, please contact

Phone: +971600522222, +97123128867, +97123128865; Mobile: +971501066099

Fax: +97125543883


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