How to apply and obtain Debit/Credit cards in Federal Bank Dubai?

Types and procedures to apply and obtain Credit/Debit cards in Federal Bank, Dubai

Types of Cards

  1. Visa Imperio Credit Card
  2. Visa Signet Credit Card
  3. Visa Celesta Credit Card
  4. Mastercard Imperio Credit Card
  5. Mastercard Signet Credit Card
  6. Mastercard Celesta Credit Card
  7. Rupay Signet Credit Card

Types of Debit Cards

  1. Visa Imperio Contactless Debit Card
  2. Visa Crown Contactless Debit Card
  3. Visa Celesta Contactless Debit Card
  4. Mastercard Imperio Contactless Debit Card
  5. Mastercard Crown Contactless Debit Card
  6. Mastercard Celesta Contactless Debit Card
  7. Rupay Classic EMV Debit Card
  8. Rupay Platinum International EMV Debit Card


  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel stations across India.
  • Fabulous dining offers at partner hotels through FedDelights program giving upto 15% discounts.
  • Ongoing attractive cashback offers, across various brands through our Federal Bank Mastercard Shop Perks program.
  • Avail benefits on MasterCard Wellness Pass, once your quarterly spends cross ₹75,000 (Only Celesta Credit Card)
  • Complimentary Big Basket vouchers on quarterly spends of ₹50,000 (Only Imperio Credit Card)
  • Complimentary Swiggy vouchers on quarterly spend of ₹20,000 (Only Signet Credit Card)

Fees and Chargers

  • Annual Percentage Rate (Dynamic) linked with AMB in operative account 0.49% – 3.49%

Procedure to fill the form (to apply an Credit/Debit card with Federal Bank in Dubai)

List of Banks in Dubai (UAE)

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