Half Desert Road @ Dubai

Half Desert Road @ Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities where man fights the wrath of nature by building a heave in the barren desert lands of the Middle-east. Once a port city is now built as the most sophisticated place to live on this planet earth is a great deed. This is done by building tall buildings and skyscrapers around the city. It has the record of the tallest building in the world “The Burj Khalifa”. Yet this city has to face the wrath of the mother nature constantly, like the sandstorms, landslides, and storms.  Despite these difficulties, it has so many wonderful places to visit. One such place is the Dessert Roads of Dubai.

The Desert Roads of Dubai is a wildlife and safari park in which long stretch of roads are built in a preplanned way but most of which are covered by sand all the time. So it’s ideal for an adventurous holiday if one wishes to have amidst their hectic work life.

What can you do here?

  • This is the right place to practice your driving skills in undulated terrain.
  • Many families often come here for having a barbecue or kite flying.
  • As you’ve seen the drone shot of the place, it’s pretty much ideal for flying drones and perfect the art of maneuvering the drones.

Concerns regarding this place!

This is an empty stretch of road which expands for several kilometers. It has neither Sanitary facilities nor any shops to quench your thirst or hunger bursts. So be ready to pack up your own foods and liquids.



Location Map

User Opinions

  1. By Jasmine
    This is a great place to have photos. will have a lot of airplane trails. And remember that the roads will be covered with sand and make sure you are using an ATV or Four wheel drive vehicle to easily venture out in the sand covered areas.
  2. By Angel
    Ideal place to have an open space to practice your Drone flying skills. Can have drone shots of this place too. People often come here for having a night camp or barbecue. You can even spot some animals like a camel.
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