Free Parking during Eid Al Adha

Free Parking during Eid Al Adha

Free Parking during Eid Al Adha in Dubai 2021

On the observance of the Eid Al Adha 2021, Dubai has announced free parking for a period of 4 days starting from July 19 and ending on July 22; this will be applicable on public parking only. The announcement was made by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority. Multi-level parking terminals continue to charge the applicable fee during this period. This was brought to action with the observance of the tradition and celebration where people enjoy time with their families at hotels, restaurants where parking would be of dire importance.

The work would resume on July 25, following a week of holiday.

During this period of holiday, the following will be operational.

  1. Metro red and green line services will function between 5 AM to 1 AM from Monday to Thursday. On Friday (July 23) the metro service would be functional between 10 AM to 1 AM. And, on Saturday (July 24), the service will be available between 5 AM till midnight.
  2. Tram will be functional between 6 AM to 1 AM starting from Monday and ending on Thursday. The service will be functional on Friday between 9 AM to 1 AM and on Saturday between 6 AM till midnight.
  3. Travelers can utilize the Dubai bus service during Eid Al Adha between 4.30 AM till 12.30 AM.
  4. Al Ghubaiba Station will be functional between 4.15 AM till 1 AM.
  5. The C01 route shall be continuous in nature and the Satwa Station Services shall be available between 4.30 AM till 11 PM.
  6. Between 4.30 AM till 12.04 AM, the Al Qusais Station services shall be functional; the Al Quoz Industrial station journeys are scheduled between 5.05 AM and 11.30 PM. The Jebel Ali Station Services will be available between 4.58 AM till 12.15 AM.
  7. Between 5 AM till 1.10 AM, the metro link bus services will be available; the availability of service will be from Rashidiya, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta, Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa, Abu Hail, and Etisalat.
  8. Passengers can travel in the intercity bus and on commercial coaches during the allotted period; this includes the availability of services Al Ghubaiba (6.40 am-10.20 pm), Union Square (4.25 am-12.15 am), Etisalat Metro Station (6 am-9 pm), Abu Hail Metro Station (6.20 am-10.40 pm), and Hatta Station (5.30 am-9.30 pm).
  9. The Marina Mall, Marina Walk, Marina Terrace, and Marina Promenade stations will have a water bus service between 12 PM to 12 AM; pre-booking is required for this service.
  10. Between 4 PM to 11 PM, tourist services shall be made available for the tourists.

For regular updates, citizens and tourists can check out the official handle, ITCAbuDhabi on Twitter.

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