Fill Up for Less: UAE Petrol Prices Drop in July 2024

Fill Up for Less: UAE Petrol Prices Drop in July 2024

UAE Petrol Prices Drop in July 2024 | Fuel Price Updates

On Sunday, June 30, the UAE revealed the retail fuel prices for July 2024. The Ministry of Energy adjusts these prices monthly based on the average global oil price, factoring in the operating costs of distribution companies. The Fuel Prices Monitoring Committee has reduced the rates by up to 15 fills per litre compared to the prices in June. These updated rates will take effect starting July 1.

Your Dubai Guide brings you the latest updates on Petrol prices in the UAE and also check the comparison table below

Fuel Products Jan-24 Feb-24 Mar-24 Apr-24 May-24 Jun-24 Jul-24 Price Difference
Price Per Liter in UAE
Super 98 Petrol Dhs2.82 Dhs2.88 Dhs3.03 Dhs3.15 Dhs3.34 Dhs3.14 Dhs2.99 15 fills
Special 95 Petrol Dhs2.71 Dhs2.76 Dhs2.92 Dhs3.03 Dhs3.22 Dhs3.02 Dhs2.88 14 fills
E Plus 91 Petrol Dhs2.64 Dhs2.69 Dhs2.85 Dhs2.96 Dhs3.15 Dhs2.95 Dhs2.80 15 fills
Diesel Dhs 3.00 Dhs2.99 Dhs3.16 Dhs3.09 Dhs3.07

These Prices will apply from July 1st 2024. Diesel will be charged at Dh2.89 a litre compared to the current rate of Dh2.88, so there is a small increase in the fills.


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