FAB Dubai Credit Card Fines-How to pay (settle) fine in Dubai / outside of the UAE?

FAB Dubai Credit Card Fines-How to pay (settle) fine in Dubai / outside of the UAE?

Are you worrying about the FAB fines when you are planning to leave Dubai?

FAB Dubai Credit Card fines – How to pay a fine from outside the UAE?

What will be the difficulties if you cannot pay the FAB fine? Here are some tips and solution

Dubai has experienced tremendous development in recent years with an economy that attracts a diverse population from all over the world. As a result, the usage of credit cards has become more common to provide convenience and financial flexibility. However, it’s important
for individuals to understand their financial responsibilities and adhere to the rules and regulations. Cardholder penalties are penalties imposed on cardholders for various reasons including exceeding credit limits, late payments or unauthorized transactions These penalties
are implemented as a way to discourage irresponsible use of credit cards and encourage individuals to maintain financial discipline. It is important for credit cardholders to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the issuing bank to avoid possible fines and penalties
First Bank of Abu Dhabi (FAB) is the largest bank in the United Arab Emirates. It offers a number of cards that operate in the UAE according to the rules set by the Central Bank in order to ensure transparency and consistency in businesses and their credit card practices.

FAB, like other financial institutions, has set a framework of fines to maintain discipline and safeguard the interests of both the banks and cardholders. The particular fines imposed by FAB may vary depending on the type of credit card and the violation committed. FAB commonly implements common credit card fines such as late payment fees, over-limit charges, cash withdrawal fees, and fees for returned payments. It is important for card holders to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions provided by FAB so that they can have a clear
understanding about the consequences associated with their actions.

The credit card fines being levied by FAB in Dubai carry immense impacts on the card holders. Nonpayment of the credit card dues on time results in vast amount of the time-dependent driven late payment fees which accumulate over time thus negating an individual’s stability financially. Exceeding their credit limit entails enormous amounts of their settlements exceeding the credit limits charged. Card holders are advised to avoid hugely gauging it via taking care not to go beyond the stipulated credit limits. Unauthorized transactions or fraudulent activities performed on a credit card tend to attract penalties too. Reliance on avenues such as technology is paramount; this implies owing timely payment by paying promptly on any suspicious activity in lieu of authorizing illegitimate usage of credit cards. To avoid credit card fines, responsible credit card management is of utmost importance. Cardholders should ensure timely payments, stay within their credit limits, and regularly review their statements for any discrepancies or unauthorized charges. Maintaining open communication with the bank and seeking clarification on any doubts or concerns is advisable. The credit card fines imposed by FAB in Dubai serve as a vital mechanism for maintaining financial discipline and safeguarding the interests of both cardholders and the bank.

Understanding the terms and conditions of credit card usage and adhering to them can help individuals avoid unnecessary penalties and fines. Responsible credit card management is crucial for maintaining a healthy financial profile and ensuring a positive credit card experience in Dubai’s thriving financial landscape. By staying informed and practicing financial prudence, cardholders can enjoy the benefits of credit cards while minimizing the risk of incurring fines and penalties.


If you find yourself in a situation where you have to pay a credit card penalty issued by First Abu Dhabi Bank but you currently live outside the UAE, there are some options you can follow to clear the penalty and avoid any possibilities of potential legal trouble. Leaving the UAE with unpaid debts can cause serious problems and it is important to deal with the problem quickly and responsibly. The following are the steps to pay a fine outside of the UAE.

The first step to start paying your credit card penalties outside the UAE is to contact FAB’s customer service department. Explain your situation by contacting them through phone or email. They will provide instructions on how to proceed. Usually FAB offers multiple payment options even if you are outside the UAE. One common method is online banking. You can log in to your FAB online banking portal and start
the payment. Make sure you have the required funds available on your account or that you have a valid payment method associated with your account. If you don’t have an online bank account, FAB allows you to pay via bank account. In this case, you must provide your FAB credit card details to the bank from which you wish to withdraw. You need to contact FAB customer service for required account information and bank transfer instructions.

Alternatively, you can authorize a representative in the UAE to make the payment on your behalf. This person can visit a FAB branch with your credit card details and settle the fines for you. You need to make sure to provide the representative with clear instructions and any
required documentation to facilitate the payment process. It is crucial to settle your credit card fines promptly as leaving the UAE with unsettled debt can have severe consequences. Firstly, FAB may take legal action against you, resulting in additional financial penalties, legal force, and potential damage to your credit score. These consequences can affect your future ability to secure credit or loss.

Moreover, the UAE has strict immigration laws, and individuals with unsettled debt may face difficulties when leaving the country. If the outstanding amount is significant, authorities at the airport or border checkpoints may detain you or prevent you from departing until the matter is resolved. This can lead to significant inconvenience, delays, and potential legal complications. To legally deal with the situation, it is essential to communicate openly with FAB and demonstrate your willingness to settle the credit card fines. You need to contact their customer service department and explain your circumstances in detail. Inform them that you are currently residing outside the UAE but are committed to resolving the issue promptly. You need to follow their instructions regarding payment methods and timelines. If you are facing financial difficulties and cannot pay the fines in full, you must request a payment plan or negotiate a settlement with FAB. FAB may consider your request and offer a suitable arrangement that helps you manage the debt responsibly.

Settling the fines before leaving the UAE is essential to avoid potential consequences such as legal action, financial penalties, and immigration complications. Communicate openly with FAB, follow their instructions, and consider negotiating a payment plan if necessary. By addressing the issue responsibly, you can resolve the matter and protect your financial well-being.

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