Etisalat Beach Canteen

Etisalat Beach Canteen

UAE’s 50 th National day 2021 celebration at Etisalat Beach Canteen

Etisalat Beach canteen is placed at Jumeirah Beach (behind Sunset Mall) to celebrate this 50th national day celebration in UAE. This event is happening upto 17 days with special food offers, live entertainment, Kid’s activities and more.

Address: 56MF+568 – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Map: View direction on google maps

50 th UAE National Day 2021 Fireworks / Events / Offers at Etisalat Beach Canteen

  • UAE National Day 2021 Fireworks
  • Traditional Emirati Performances on national day 2021
  • Splash and Dash setup from Oola Lab Signature Perfume
  • City Parade from Modesh and Dana and more

Visit Etisalat Beach Canteen to explore more on this UAE’s 50 th National day

Date and Venue: 25th November 2021 – 11 th December 2021

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