Dubai’s Top 10 Most Demanding Jobs

Dubai’s Top 10 Most Demanding Jobs

With every passing year Dubai is becoming a dream destination for many professional expats all over the world. People come to Dubai for job search due to luxurious life and good career growth.  As the city is one of the richest cities in the world, it is also the most highly populated one in the UAE. It therefore stands to reason that there must be a lot of money to be made working in Dubai, especially if you have the right job. Here are Dubai’s top 10 most demanding jobs that will help first-time job seekers to have an insight on the opportunities waiting for them in Dubai.

Top 10 Most Demanding Jobs

Over the last few days, there have been more than 2,000 new vacancies. Much demand has been for engineers, accountants and sales executives. While these were the top skills in high demand, new real estate developments in Dubai continued to pop up and businesses now look to stay competitive.

Software Developers & Graphic Designers

Dubai has developed remarkably in the last 5 years and with its steady growth, there has been a huge demand for jobs related to technology. Big companies are constant in need of Systems Programmers and Software Developers. Huge firms are ever willing to offer ransom amount to ensure that their computer systems are well-maintained. As well as Graphic Designers work hand-in-hand with the IT team to enhance the company’s websites. As well-known enterprises consider their websites the face of their businesses; therefore, they pay the price of having competent professionals in enhancing their websites.


Architects & Engineers

Ultramodern mega structures in Dubai can never go unnoticed. Credit goes to the architects and engineers behind these infrastructures. While the vision to make Dubai the top tourist destination embarks the demand for competent and highly qualified Architects and Engineers upsurges.

Marketing and Social Media

There’s no doubt, Dubai has succeeded to attract a lot of foreign investors in the recent years. Owing to its constant evolution and economic condition, several brands and renowned companies abroad have started to venture in Dubai. This has eventually led to demand for Marketing and Social Media professionals. As they play a vital role in developing business and generating revenue, Dubai promises a stable job for Marketing and Social Media experts.

Sales Representatives and Customer Service Professionals

A chunk of life in Dubai moves around shopping and fashion. It allures a lot of tourists who find shopping for gadgets and apparels here less expensive since it is tax-free. With a view to promote Dubai as a global shopping destination, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) emerged. In Dubai, shopping centers and supermarkets never run out of need for Sales Representatives and Customer Service Professionals every year. Perhaps, the retail industry offers a very good career opportunity and a generous salary package for them.

Food and Beverages (F&B)

Dubai has diversified culture. It has a mix of different nationalities that chose to have a long-term stay here. Food has become an effective medium to bring these different nationalities together. Restaurants, cafes and a lot of dining options are flourishing in Dubai, making F&B managers and staffs to be one of Dubai’s top 10 most demanding jobs..

Real Estate Consultants

According to real estate analysts, Real Estate industry in Dubai works together with commerce. With the boom of the commercial industry, a lot of investors are being attracted to venture their businesses hiring a lot of workers. Hence, the need for both commercial and residential consultants never ceases. Medical Practitioners (Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists) Future in Dubai is not only limited to the commerce sector, Dubai Healthcare Authority also seeks to improve and enhance the healthcare division. The Dubai Hospital which is owned and being managed by the government often conducts mass hiring of physicians and medical practitioners from overseas, particularly from India and The Philippines.

Hotel Staffs

Due to the fact that Dubai is one of the tourist destinations globally, more and more lavish hotels are being established. Thus, the need for courteous and customer service driven staffs is always at hand. A set good package awaits those who aspire for a position in one of the luxurious hotels in Dubai which includes free food, transportation and accommodation. Not to forget the fair amount of basic salary.

HR Practitioners

The success and stability of most well-known organizations rely on Human Resource professionals since part of their job is to hire qualified candidates to ensure the suitability for the role. It is also their job to create an organizational development plan. Human Resource has a lot of facets, that being so, there are numerous responsibilities under its umbrella. The post offers a lot of great opportunities for most HR practitioners and is believed to be one of the highest earners in Dubai.


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