Top 10 Social Media Influencers in Dubai

Top 10 Social Media Influencers in Dubai

In the Middle East, the traditional media’s restrictions of a more conservative and traditional society offer celebrities, vloggers, bloggers and YouTubers a new online platform where they can express themselves, using their own tone of voice and personality to connect with a public in constant need for interaction with their idols. It is no surprise that Snapchat and YouTube are the top social media platforms in the region, with the highest YouTube penetration per capital than anywhere else in the world. If you have not already included social media marketing in your plan this is the time to seriously think about it. To gain a huge following for your brand is a difficult and time-consuming task. But by utilizing social media marketing you can pitch your brand to a greater audience. Here are the top 10 social media influencers in Dubai.

Huda Kattan

The famous beauty blogger and makeup artist makes it to the top in the top 10 social media influencers in Dubai. As a founder of her cosmetics line Huda Beauty, her first product was a series of false eyelashes that made her very popular in social media; just after Kim Kardashian wore them. Huda Kattan has 24.3 million followers in Instagram and 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Joelle Mardinian


Bagged with 6.3 million followers, she has become the number one beauty reference in Dubai. Along with being the host of the popular makeover TV show Joelle, Joelle Mardinian is also a highly-successful entrepreneur. She founded Maison De Joelle, Clinica Joelle and Aurora Spa, while launching her skin-care line Joelle Paris. The great social media influencer was also elected by Forbes in the World’s 500 Most Influential Arabs list.

Sheida Fashionista

She is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogger in Dubai. Focusing on fashion and beauty, she works with countless regional and international brands. She has over 400,000 Instagram followers.

Mo Vlogs

Mohamed Beiraghdary is a Dubai based Youtuber who uploads Vlogs every day with the name of Mo Vlogs. His Vlogs usually contains his luxury lifestyle. His most viewed videos are one which is featured on expensive cars.  He has more than 4 million subscribers and some of his videos have more than 5 million views. Although he uploads a video daily still his videos easily gets more than 800,000 views. This show that he is quite popular among youth.

Mariam Rod

The half Persian and Kurdish lifestyle blogger usually posts Instagram pictures of her luxury life in Dubai. In the past two years, her fan followers have reached 400,000.

Abdullaziz Baz

Abdullaziz bin Baz is another social media influencer primarily focused on Instagram. He makes small funny videos and skits also called vines. His videos combine humour with cultural satire and purpose-filled messages. His talent earned him a spot as a speaker at the Arab Media forum and now he is one of the most recognized Arab comedians on social media with almost 4 million followers on his Instagram page. Abdullaziz also does some charity work and do sponsor adverting on his Instagram. In an interview, Bin Baz said that he has three main idols that he looks up to and they are Mr Bean, Kevin Hart and Russell Peters. He loved that they are so funny and they can make people laugh without even speaking. Just by looking at them people can become happy.

Deema Al Asadi


Another blogger making to the top 10 is Deema Al Asadi. This social influencer has succeeded in collecting 234,000 followers within a short period of time. Her focus is primarily on fashion and latest makeup trends in Dubai

Taim AlFalasi

With 2.4M followers on Instagram Taim is one of the famous social media influencers from UAE. She also regularly shares his lifestyle on youtube. She is a graduate of Zyad University and is famous for her online radio program.

Fouz Al Fahad

Also known as the Real Fouz, Alfahad is a lifestyle blogger based in Dubai and Kuwait. With 104 million followers in Instagram, she is one of the top 10 social media influencers in Dubai.

Mahmoud Sidani

Also called Moudz, he is a popular male social media influencer in Dubai. He is widely known for his celebrity filled social life, luxury lifestyle, high-end fashion choices. He has more than 75000 Instagram followers.




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