Dubai Municipality announces panels, seminars, and weekend activations during COP28.

The Dubai Municipality will carry on with its incredibly popular workshop and presentation program, which is motivating and instructing hundreds of local and foreign guests as COP28 draws to a close. At COP28, the Dubai Municipality, a Strategic Pathway Partner, will host talks on climate change and sustainable urban development best practices.

The Dubai Municipality will carry on with its incredibly popular workshop and presentation program, which is motivating and instructing hundreds of local and foreign guests as COP28 draws to a close.

Discussions on sustainable best practices for urban development, mitigation of climate change, conservation planning, coastal sustainability, waste management strategies, pathways for net zero, use of 3D printing in construction, and climate-resilient architecture will be held at the Dubai Municipality’s stand at COP28 as a Strategic Pathway Partner.

The topic “Localization of the SDGs for Sustainable Cities: Harnessing the Power of the Education Sector” will be given by TEDx speaker Ivana Brnovic Ogbu, a former UN sustainability consultant and international author. The Dubai Municipality’s pavilion will also host “Climate-Responsive Iconic Architecture” on the same day. This exhibit will show how the Dubai International Best Practice Award for Sustainable Development honors excellence and promotes best practices.

A talk about Dubai’s weather and early warning systems will highlight the ways in which the city is using technology to address the difficulties posed by climate change. The Dubai Municipality Youth Council is hosting “Green Talks,” where a panel will discuss how climate change is affecting waste and sewage water. Additionally, a workshop aimed at educating university students about sustainable best practices will take place.


The Hatta master plan and the Dubai Municipality’s natural conservation framework will be explained during a session titled “Nature, Land Use and Oceans,” which will showcase the municipality’s dedication to sustainability.

Participants will obtain a deeper comprehension of the stresses and effects placed on coastal ecosystems and the marine ecosystem by attending the “Study of Environmental Status of Dubai Coastal Zone Toward Sustainability” event. During the “Green Dubai” session, participants can also learn about the Dubai Municipality’s tree-planting initiative.

Meanwhile, Dubai Municipality will host a session titled “What Science and Traditional Indigenous Knowledge tells us about Nature Conservation in the Urban Environment” at the COP28 Climate Finance Hub Stage. The workshop will examine the insights offered by both traditional and scientific knowledge regarding the critical roles that nature plays in maintaining people’s vitality, health, and spirits in urban settings. The seminar will examine how communal wisdom may optimize our city planning and design, using the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary as a case study.

The goal of Dubai Municipality’s ambitious “Climate Neutrality Strategy” is to achieve net zero operations by 2050 through a series of staged programs. Furthermore, Bakture Research Director and Japanese Shinto Priest Yuichi Setoyama, a TEDx speaker and environmentalist, will give a discussion highlighting the significance of microbes in tackling urgent environmental challenges.

The program also includes a session titled “Blueprints for Tomorrow: 3D Printing Dubai Municipality’s Sustainable Stand,” which tells the tale of the city of Dubai’s COP28 show.

The Dubai Municipality and Dubai Financial Market will talk about Dubai’s new carbon credit pilot program on the Energy Transition Hub Stage at a session titled “How Carbon Credit Trading Will Help Move Dubai to Net Zero,” which will be moderated by Dubai Eye’s Brandy Scott.

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