Don’t Miss Out: Burj Khalifa Unveils 2 LED Shows This Ramadan

Don’t Miss Out: Burj Khalifa Unveils 2 LED Shows This Ramadan

The iconic Burj Khalifa will light up Downtown Dubai’s skyline to mark one of the most important events in the community, that of Ramadan. The Holy Month will be celebrated with 2 remarkable LED shows, lighting up the tallest building of the world.

Burj Khalifa Unveils 2 LED Shows

The first show is a three minutes lengthy display by prolific designer Karl Taylor Knight. The breath-taking work celebrates the spiritual value of Ramadan with the crescent moon, themed with Arabic lanterns followed by a majestic sequence of Arabic geometric patterns (mashrabiya) steeped in gold.

The second show is a display by painter Art Noor. It draws inspiration from the 99 names of Allah and took 15 years to complete.

Some of the names of Allah include:

Al Rahman; The Compassionate
Al Rahim; The Merciful
Al Malek; The Lord
Al Qudoos; The Perfect
Al Salam; The Peace and Safety

The entire show is complemented by oriental music. Truly, it’s a rare symphony of melody and design that must not be missed.


Sunday – Wednesday, every hour from 7:45pm to 10:45pm

Thursday – Saturday, every 30 minutes from 7:45pm to 10:45pm

During Ramadan, the observation deck in Burj Khalifa will have extended operational hours from 10am – 1am.

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