COP28: Top 10 attractions in Expo City Dubai’s Green Zone

As the weekend draws closer and COP28 draws to a close, don’t forget to check out these ten locations and exhibits at Expo City Dubai’s Green Zone.

Hub for Greening Education

With the theme “Legacy from the Land of Zayed,” the Ministry of Education (MoE) officially opened the Greening Education Hub. As the name implies, the center pays tribute to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late founder of the United Arab Emirates, as well as earlier national leaders who established the standard for sustainable living in the Emirates.

The Educators’ Voice and Net Zero Heroes are two of The Hub’s ideas that the Ministry has already begun to execute. There are 151 national sessions, 127 international sessions, and 250 seminars being held at the Hub. All of this points to one important conclusion: The Legacy from the Land of Zayed will be brought to future COP.

Expo City Pavilion


To convey to delegates the environmentally conscious history of the COP28 site, an Expo City Pavilion has been constructed. According to Nadia Verjee, Executive Director of Expo Group Authority, “the goal of assembling the pavilion is to tell the story of the sustainable elements we have built over the last ten years.”

She said: “The components used are 100 per cent recycled materials. The pavilion answers questions like how Terra was built, how we create experiences.”

In essence, the pavilion serves as a guide to everything attendees can see at COP 28. The main events of Expo City Dubai in 2024 will be publicized. It is possible for guests to plant a pledge. There will be a tree planted in Expo City Dubai in their honor.

Technology & Innovation Hub

Modern technology and forward-thinking ideas are combined in the Technology and Innovation Hub. The Hub offers a plethora of creative ideas to combat climate change and maintain 1.5°C within reach. Governments, corporations, and individuals gather here to work together, utilize climate technologies, and tackle the most urgent problems.

Youth Hub

As the name implies, the Youth Hub is a location where young people may congregate and plan events. It serves as a gathering place for debates about climate change, opportunity finding, and idea sharing. It’s a place where visitors and youth can set out on a path of empowerment and collaboratively envision a more sustainable future. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, it is organized and run by the Federal Youth Authority, with backing from the COP28 Youth Climate Champion.

eVTOL) helicopter by FlyNow Aviation

A sophisticated exhibit is located right outside the Technology and Innovation Hub. It’s an autonomous electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) helicopter manufactured by the Austrian business FlyNow Aviation — GmbH. The company is currently manufacturing eVTOL helicopters that have efficient translational lift and one that can fly a great distance.

FlyNow Aviation Austria

The first-ever fully electric motorcycle made in Pakistan, the VLEKTRA, is on display at COP28. As sporty as it gets is this fascinating new standalone display in front of the Technology and Innovation Hub. Zaheer Aasma.The head of international business indicated that the 1969 antique bike is fully automated. The 30,000 motorcycles that the owners of this environmentally friendly machinery create each year are on display at COP28. The bike can travel 100 kilometers on a single charge and requires 2.5 hours to fully charge. Don’t pass on watching it!

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