Camping Spots In UAE

Camping Spots In UAE

Planning of a mind blowing weekend this month?  If yes! Then pitch in your tents at UAE’s breathtaking mountainous lands, pristine wadis and beautiful beach fronts. UAE offers pleasant seaside sights that ease the body, calms the mind and inspires the soul. The most spectacular landscapes and beautiful natural attractions in the region travelers come back for more.  This means there’s no lack of places to explore, and the weather in November is the perfect time for camping .The thrill at these camping spots in UAE will take your breath away.

Here is the top 5 pick list for an awesome camping experience.

Lahbab Sands

Ifyou are a first time camper, then the sensationalred sand and stunning night out options at Lahbab will leave you stunned. The Fossil Rock is one of the striking spot for the campers.The flavor and aroma of delightful barbecue dinner after you bustle the ‘Big Red’ a 300-foot high dune activity will make you go crazy. You also can’t miss to see the Madanvillage just before the Hatta border .The place is known for camel rides by the local farms of the company.

Lahbab Sands
Camping Spots In UAE – Lahbab Sands


You need to take the E44 or the Al Awir Road and then move towards the Dubai-Hatta Road or the Ras Al Khor Road. It takes about an hour and 40 minutes from Abu Dhabi Corniche and is just 40mins if you start from Safa Park.


Tips for Camping

  • Purchase an extra tent if you are camping with many people.
  • You must not litter at the camping site.

Beach Camping in Umm Al Quwain

If you love to lie down the whole day beside the shorelines then Umm Al Quwain is the right camping destination for you. The shoreline is the perfect gateway for fascinating and an awesome experience that you would cherish for lifetime.

Umm Al Quwain - Camping Spots in Dubai
Umm Al Quwain – Camping Spots in Dubai


Umm al Qaywayn is 87 km from Dubai and it takes almost 1 h 1 min to drive from Dubai to Umm al Qaywayn. But if your budget is less then you can opt for the line 8 bus which costs ₹230 – ₹390 and takes about 3h 20 min.

Tips for Camping

  • There are high and low tides, so be very careful to select the camping side on the beach.
  • Pitch your tent away from water if you are unsure about the tides.
  • You must have a folding beach chair for campfire relaxation.
  • Visiting the old fishing villages along the peninsula at Al Raas is a must.
  • Carry your fishing gear and binoculars to spot wild birds including flamingos.
  • Hire a kayak, to explore the mangroves along the coast.

Hajar Mountains

The Hajar Mountains are a range in Northern Oman extending from the northern coast of Oman, from southwest of Muscat to the United Arab Emirates. This intense mountain range offers trekking, rock climbing, canyoning, and off-road exploration for an adventurer. In addition to outdoor activities, there are numerous sights of significant, cultural, and geological interest. Temperatures are 10-15°C cooler than Muscat, and snow are rare. This place is a must in summers, for those looking to escape the heat of Oman and the Arabian Peninsula.

Hajar Mountains - Camping spots in UAE
Hajar Mountains – Camping spots in UAE


It is about 3hrs 30mins from Abu Dhabi Corniche and it takes approximately 2hrs 30mins if you start from Safa Park

Tips for Camping

  • Your tent should be at a higher elevation to avoid any accident during the rains
  • You must have a first aid box with you 
  • If you have kids then keep enough entertainment options handy to engage them in long drives

Ras al khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is famous for its many beautiful camping spots where people love egoing for picnics and relish the barbecues under the stars, leaving behind the hurly burly of the city life. You can stopover at the traditional Bedouin camps and discover a fascinating way of life that has barely changed since centuries.

Ras al khaimah - Camping spots in UAE

Ras al khaimah – Camping spots in UAE


The easiest way to get to Ras al Khaimai from Dubai is to hop into an RTA taxi. If you’re traveling from Dubai International Airport, the staff at the taxi station will advise you to hire a cab. For people who love to travel in comfort and style; Uber and Careem offer transport to RAK from Dubai via their apps, which costs about Dhs200 and Dhs300.

Tips for Camping

The camping site is the outskirts, so do carry food and reserve supplies with you.

You must have some warm clothes because the mercury drops down in the night.

Jabal Al jais

You can see splendid and beautiful mountainscape with naturally sculpted rocks on your way up to Jebal Al Jais, the UAE’s tallest mountain. The temperatures were once recorded as low as -3 degrees and made it one of the coolest places in the country. The overnight camping here is a bone-chilling affair.


It takes about 3hrs 30mins from Abu Dhabi Corniche and 2hrs 20mins if you are starting fromSafa Park.

Tips for Camping

  • You must camp sensibly in this gorgeous nature reserve
  • You must carry your trash along with you when you leave

Packing List for Camping

  • You need to carry a tent
  • Couple of sheets or sleeping bags are a must
  • Carry with you blow-up mattress and cushions
  • You must have wood, fuel, grills and stove top teakettle
  • Carry a Barbecue set and tin foil
  • You must carry and Charcoal and matches
  • A First Aid Kit is a must have
  • Tow rope
  • Rubbish bags to collect garbage
  • Carry with you Tissues and wipes
  • You should have Maps and GPS (when off-roading)
  • Insect repugnant should be carried
  • You should have Cool Box and ice
  • Water- for drinking and washing is a must
  • Torch is a must

The Do’s and Don’ts in Camping Spots in UAE

  • You must avoid polluting the area
  • Carry your trash home. If caught you might have to pay fine.
  • Always extinguish the campfires properly before you leave.
  • Do not camp at a private beach without prior permission
  • Always have charged mobiles and do carry power banks with you.
  • If in emergency, call 999 for help.
  • Avoid pitching in tents at the base of dunes or anywhere near it. It is dangerous as the onrushing off-roaders can’t see you.
  • You must have your car serviced and ensure that the tyres have right pressure and fluid levels.
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