Buzzkito Co-working Space: Features and Contact Page

Buzzkito Co-working Space: Features and Contact Page
Explore a new lifestyle and unleash your potential!
At Buzzkito we aim to spread happiness and tolerance among the people of our Arab homeland, especially young people because they are the key to the future. Buzzkito is above all an active and modern community!

But beyond that, it’s a nice coworking space, friendly and at unbeatable prices, that offers solutions tailored to your needs, whether it’s shared workspaces, private offices, or even spaces dedicated to events.

At Buzzkito, everything is designed to nourish your inspiration and release your creativity.



Contact Phone number: +212 614-320035


Contact Address:

Buzzkito Features:

  • Afordable Prices
  • Shared Workspaces
  • Private offices
  • Dedicated Space fo Events

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