11 Rules for Motorists on UAE National day to avoid fines

11 Rules for Motorists on UAE National day to avoid fines

As UAE gears up for National Day weekend celebrations, Dubai Police has issued a reminder to all residents partaking in the festivities to refrain from chaotic situations on the roads and to abide by road rules during the celebrations of the National Day. Breaking these 11 rules on UAE National Day includes heavy fines.

11 Rules on UAE National Day

  • Don’t obscure the windscreen.
  • Don’t equip vehicles with noise-emitting mechanisms.
  • Don’t obscure the number plate.
  • Don’t use any kind of spray.
  • Don’t change vehicle colour.
  • Don’t overload the vehicle over the permitted maximum.
  • Don’t stick body parts out of the windows or sunroof.
  • Don’t write anything obscene or profane on the car.
  • Don’t stop the vehicle or get out of it on public road.
  • It is strictly prohibited to make any marches
  • Follow the instructions of Police Officers



Permitted Rule

Decorate the car with flags or anything that doesn’t obscure the driver’s view or the car’s number plate.

Violations and fines

  • Driving a vehicle in way endangering lives of road users, Dh2,000 fine, 23 traffic points and 60 days impound for the vehicle.
  • Dh1,000 fine and six traffic points for stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road for no reason.
  • Dh2,000 and 12 traffic points for driving a noisy vehicle
  • Dh1,500 for exceeding permitted car window tinting.
  • Dh500, four traffic points and 15 days impound for driving a vehicle in unauthorized march.
  • Dh500 fine for writing words or putting posters on the vehicle without permission.
  • Dh400 and four traffic points for using the horn or the stereo in way to annoy others.
  • Dh400 and four traffic points for not following traffic instruction.
  • Dh400 for blocking traffic
  • Dh1,000 and six traffic points for throwing garbage from the vehicle.
  • Dh400 for intentionally covering a plate number

With mobile radars installed on highways and police patrols deployed on all roads, especially on major intersections to monitor the traffic flow; it seems that Dubai Police is well prepared to nab offenders during the national celebration.



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